2017 Color Trends

Colors make us feel alive, they invite us to lift our sight and not only see, but also focus images and sensations that will walk with us through our entire life, for example, the pearly white of a wedding dress or the brilliant orange of a sunset with someone unforgettable.

And this is why Colección Interiorismo decided to bring for you the 2017 color trends, which as you will see, will lead us towards a clear directive of nature and life, a vibrant and brilliant chromatic proposal, which even in its earthy shades let us return to the purity and sweetness of nature.

Interiorism – 2017 Colors 

Laurel & Wolf

In this year we propose you to fill your home with freshness, print a Niagara or an Island Paradise blue in any of your rooms, especially in the one that you use for meditation or relaxation, its vitality will give you a solid environment of introspection and cohesion that your house needs.


On the other hand, you can contrast walls with a Primrose Yellow or with the acclaimed Greenery (also with yellowish shades), which will bring you the sun to the interior of your precinct, shade it with a sober decoration, and make your room shine without losing the sophistication that has to characterize your creative space.

Don´t forget that you can use these trendy colors for details and art-object in your home, this will subtract truism, and add fantasy and intensity to your ideas; we recommend you the Flame Red to give the passionate focus to monochromatic themes, or the soft Pink Yarrow, so you can talk about romance and commitment in your details.

Setting Trends – 2017 Colors 

Revista Estilo Propio

As we saw in the Milan Design Week, and in the principal fashion shows of Paris Fashion Week, the trend clearly marks itself towards the contrast of the classical colors in interiorism, white and grey, with the ones that will revitalize and contribute with the impacting visual touch in your rooms, which are in essence, as we told you, the vibrant yellows, revitalizing greens, and soft pinks that can be used to cover walls or to give the touch of art in furniture and decoration objects.

This is how the color is not only an element, but the key that shows the reflection of the personality of the ones that inhabit a home, and also a catalyst for moods, transforming itself into a kaleidoscope of our everyday life.

2017 Color Trends 

The color trend for this year is for Colección Interiorismo a blow of vitality and freshness; so connect with the internal, natural and energetical sensations of warmness that only a great design can achieve:

Edhition Dugar Home

Niagara: A blue that gives us the necessary freshness taking us back to the healing sensations of water, inviting us to reflexion and introspection, and achieving a positive meditation.

Laurel & Wolf

Primrose Yellow: Light in a yellow of sunny days, feel the warmness of the spring trespassing the skin of your house, and dress its walls.

CoContest Magazine

Lapis Blue: Live the color intensity with the deepest version of blue, feel yourself floating in a well of relaxing sensations and texturize it, so it will make you feel like floating, for example with an incredible velvety sofa that will make you feel surrounded by your own thoughts.

Laurel & Wolf

Flame: Extravagance and passion that energize your soul, feel the magical vibration of a red with orange shades that will make you dream about sunsets.

Island Paradise

Island Paradise: Fantasy reflected in the color of the water in a paradisiac beach, texturize or use it in painted paper to recreate the soft waves of a calmed ocean.


Pale Dogwood: Innocence and purity in a pale rose which takes us back to a sophisticated Lolita; subtlety that seems to invite touch in every object dressed with it.

Dining and Living Room

Pink Yarrow: A different rose, festive and carnival, an intense rose that captivates and that almost seems to breathe, use it in contrasting walls to revitalize the needed spaces.

Zaida Sabatés

Kale: Health and openness in an exuberant green that reminds us of a relaxed trip through a spring landscape in a remote hill, design an interior garden in any room.

Laurel & Wolf

Hazelnut: Earth that welcome and unify nature, a Hazelnut brown that neutralizes the pallet, and that you can use as a conjuring element between natural colors.

Greenery – 2017 Color 


Greenery was selected as the 2017 color, one that includes all the natural shades that take us back to the wellness and abundance of earth.

Nature and beauty, a green with yellow flashes which talks about renewal, about taking us back to the nature that in some moments seems lost in our big cities, live without frontiers and feel the magic of the spring blooming.


With all this, Colección Interiorismo is preparing to receive with you the favorite color of the trend setters and the 2017 color shades for all the interior design ambits. “Deeper the people are submerged in the modern life, and even major is their inbred for sinking in the inherent physical beauty of the natural world”.

Color is my daily obsession, the joy and the torture.

Claude Monet