Anderssen & Voll and Lapalma

The Norwegian or Scandinavian design, one of the most beautiful and elegant styles of the world, comes for you through the alliance of two big design personalities of the world: Anderssen & Voll and Lapalma, but first, let’s talk a little about the magnificent history of them:

Anderssen & Voll

Anderssen & Voll

Anderssen & Voll was founded in 2009 by Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll, and it is an example of the best Norwegian design studios; based on the Scandinavian tradition, but with a particular touch: surprise elements that stimulates the user’s reflexion, and develops them not only as petitioners, but also as designers, active in the dream’s materialization.

Their objects contain in themselves the best characteristics of this style: functionality and a clean geometry, calmed and sober, but faithful to the principles of simplicity, utility, and an elegant beauty, making them owners of prices like the Wallpaper, Red Dot, and IF Award.



Perfect example of the “Made in Italy” reputation, its passion for design is visible in every object, conjugating essential aspects as the craftsmanship and sensoriality, as well as materials with textures, and everything in clean, modern and rigorous lines.

For that, each collaboration and representation is marked with this projection: strong personalities and alliances that add in an elegant esthetic, a consolidation between the artisanal and the sensorial, an objective of functionality and utility, and above all, a timeless beauty.

Norwegian Design in its Maximum Splendor

Kipu by Lapalma

This is how Anderssen & Voll and Lapalma have joined forces, presenting an incredible project where it has been put together the best of the Norwegian design with an Italian touch: Kipu, the collection of poufs, which bets for LaPalma’s transversality.

Kipu took as inspiration the stones and paths of the rivers, perfecting the geometrical form of the triangle and softening it with rounded edges and a soft mix of colors in greys, blues, and blacks; each one embroidered with visibles seams which make a perfect mix between Scandinavian elegance and the Anderssen and Voll’s modernity and informality.

Likewise, and retaking the transversality searched by LaPalma, the collection has a versatile usage, that can be settled in domestical, laboral, educational and inclusively, ludic and social environments, conforming true talking and comfortable islands.

blue MONO by Design Anderssen & Voll LK Hjelle

In another instance the collection perfectly fulfills with all the Scandinavian elements, making it an example at its maximum expression: clean lines and forms that result into sophistication and contemporaneity, simplicity that gifts intricacy and serenity, esthetical minimalism, a sober color pallet, and at the same time, artisanal work in its seams and armed, and inclusively a direct inspiration in nature.

Anderssen & Voll and Lapalma

For Colección Interiorismo, the combination of an enterprise with more than 30 years of experience and leadership, and a young studio which is a faithful representative of one of the most elegant and searched styles of the last years, is the perfect conjunction of two design cultures, that together bring emotional products, but directed towards an style characterized by its sobriety and equilibrium. Surely, and after this, new projects to admire of this incredible pair will come.

Design is the search for a magical equilibrium between business and art;

art and talent; intuition and reason; concept and detail; joy and formality;

client and designer; designer and printer; printer and public.

Valerie Pettis