Architectural and Interiorism Trends

The admired architect Frank Lloyd Wright said that “every great architect is necessarily a great poet. He or she has to be an original interpreter of his time, his age, his days”, and it can´t be any major truth than this, since the dialogue that an architect sustains with his or her work has to talk about the dreams and needs of their generation, but wishing the timeliness; and this is why today, Colección Interiorismo is bringing to you the 2017 trends in architecture and interiorism, which we wish will inspire you with this same spirit of search:

Intelligent Design

Bespoke San Francisco

Transformable spaces which interactivity talks about openness and blurry frontiers, the same that get alive with technology that allows the elimination of any barrier that could have been left, either in themes of comfort, affordability or communication. The named “Co-Workings” are a perfect example of this, transforming a space into a place of perfect homogeneity.



Besides being a trend, the reduction of the energetical spending in buildings is an essential need because of the environmental agitation in which we are submerged, and the above is being achieved through the usage of clean energy which is produced through “architectural accessories” as: solar panels, ventilated facades, and wind turbines; all these accessories aren´t unaffordable or distant, and this is why Colección Interiorismo invites you to open this reflexive window towards a more comprehensive environment in your home.

Trendy Architecture

Colección Interiorismo brings for you three perfect examples of trendy architecture that will make you dream about clearer futures, full of transparency, openness, and of course, human conscience:

Plataforma Arquitectura

Matmut Atlantique Stadium: The new stadium of Burdeos was made by the Herzog & de Meuron firm, and it rises almost like an ethereal vision extending itself into the shores of the lake, its design is open and light, clear example of an intelligent design whose barriers are being eliminated with the fusion of stairs and columns that almost seem to unify the heart of the edification with the exterior.

Plataforma Arquitectura

Factory on Earth, Malaysia: Made by the Ryuichi Ashizawa Architect & Associates firm, it is the ode per excellence of sustainability; a factory that recovers the adjacent ground of the jungle, its green cover improves the thermic efficiency, the pluvial water is stored in an underground pond to water plants, designed to reflect the solar light, and if that was not enough, counting with a natural ventilation system.


Vila Matilde House, Brazil: Created by Terra e Tuma Arquitetos Associados, it was originated by the necessity of making a living place with few economical resources, being a proof that an intelligent and incredible architecture can trespass economical barriers; all the house is interconnected and the center is a garden, which gives illumination and ventilation, besides of having an orchard in the roof.

2017 Trends – Interiorism 

And now passing to the essence and soul of our homes, let’s see the 2017 trends for interiorism:

Nordic Style

Tu Decora

A designer said that “the Scandinavian style is a wooden bowl full of milk”, and for Colección Interiorismo the essence of this simple affirmation includes the base of this style: a combination of woods with white lacquers, a design characterized by its simplicity, utilitarian for its rational conception of space, but full of serenity and amplitude in its straight lines; the color notes achieved by textiles, furs and paintings.

The Nordic style is in essence a pure and straight frame which shades itself with dramatic notes than further of messing the space, accentuates its simplicity and elegance.



Wood will continue being the main character in 2017 for its cozy and classical aspect, for example you can use it in a ceramic type to contribute with a special glow in its warmness, or in oak with tinted finishes that will make it seem to be directly brought from a near field.

We will also use metals, especially in oxides that seem to detonate and shade the warmness of wood. Finally, don´t forget the coating materials as marble, concrete and stone, principally in bushhammered reliefs, which achieve an elegant but also different esthetic by combining them.


What better for Colección Interiorismo than vividly exemplify the 2017 interiorism trends with two of the brands that we have for you, who transmit our passion for design:


Manutti: Our star manufacturer of external furniture, whose collections show at simple sight, the importance of wood in contrast with pieces that seem haute-couture. Its combinations of granite, natural stone, ceramic, marble and acidified glass diffuse the frontier between the interior and exterior, and create not only a space, but a personalized atmosphere according to your essence.


Piet Boon: Perfect reflex of the Nordic style, watching its catalogues is viewing this trend: wooden floors, dark furniture, greys and whites shades that shout about sobriety and elegance, art and color in touches of objects and frames. Live it with Colección Interiorismo and make it yours.

And now, Colección Interiorismo expects that you are ready to live this 2017 framing your home with the best trends and living the present that resonates with a more reflexive and calm future.

We give shape to our buildings,

and then they give shape to us.

Winston Churchill