We feed on sight, living in a world where harmonies don´t talk just about combinations, but also of sensations and feelings that conform a unique sense, which become into trends that prevail, and not only in fashion, but also on interiorism and design.

And this is how for Colección Interiorismo, in this Autumn there are 14 colors, which beyond their beauty, transmit us a warm sensation that seem to be directly extracted from the loosen leaves of a rising season, everything combined with classic and neutral shades, which at the end leave us with a feeling of naturalness and origin. So without saying more, let´s know each one of them, living the sensorial experience that they have awaken on us.

Autumn Color 2017

Grenadine or Flame Scarlet

Flame Scarlet | Mood Board

A Red that transmits power and energy, a focal point that doesn´t get lost and that in monochromes and essential touches gives that support that highlights and that can even reconfigure a space. Differenced between each other only by a more orange shade, we are standing beside true jewels with Ruby reflections.

Rouge Noir | Tawny Port 

Tawny Port | Covet Edition

A Red with Violet dyes that make us exclaim before an overflowing sensuality and a sophisticated elegance; nobody can go unnoticed using it, becoming the perfect companion of neutrality by highlighting the pure but also the forbidden.

Ballet Slipper | Primrose Pink 

Ballet Slipper | Boston Design Guide

Subtleness, romance, and delicacy, what a better portrait would frame these 3 words than a prima ballerina whose movements give us fluency and tenderness. Rose is not usually associated with winter or fall seasons, but this shade will give us the romantic touch that life itself need.

Toast | Butterum  


A windy afternoon and a little of Autumn coldness, nothing more comforting than the view of a chimney or a big oak that protects us from the gale, that is “Toast”, a warm, evocative, and full of familiarity color for the season. Its shades don´t have limits, making us able to use all of its gamma on outfits and spaces inviting to comfort.

Blue Navy | Navy Peony 

Navy Peony

The most glamorous option of Black, a Blue whose intensity and deepness transform it into an automatic basic of the season, contributing to outfits and interiorism with a clear symbol of elegance, stability, and security, as if its single choice could mark us with a ferrous determination and an enviable solidity.

Neutral Gray 

Neutral Gray | Architectural Digest

One of the stars of the neutrals that we mentioned at the beginning; described as the passepartout color of the season, it is the perfect base for any chromatic or decorative creation, due that its solidity brings a perfect frame to highlight any companion, simply the perfect partner.

Shaded Spruce 

Shaded Spruce | sarahakwisombe

Another one of the direct reminiscences of nature´s beauty and intensity, its deepness brings us to the essence of its own name, a green shade that shelters us in its protection giving the sensation of being kept under a leafy tree.

Golden Lime | Golden Olive

Golden Olive | tra-trave

An earthy shade which besides its origin gives us a subtle mark of freshness, but above all, of an incredible shining by comparing it with an antique gold that talks about millenarian sophistication. And if to this, we add the viewed combinations with other toast or even light tones, there are no more option than to direct our sights to its base.

Light Blue | Marina or Bluebell

Marina | Susana Morte

Besides that these kind of colors take us back to a warm summer afternoon in the sea, its combination with earthy shades and even with Blue Navy, makes this tone a perfect contrast that accentuates the autumn and windy qualities of this gamma.

Autumn Maple 

Autumn Maple | Boca Do Lob

Another game of Red, but now arising from the browns, transforming itself into the autumn quintessence; there is no more to see than a sunset or the leaves falling to identify it.

Royal Lilac 

Royal Lilac | homeideasmag

Another input of romanticism and subtleness that as how it has been described, brings an “unexpected theatrical touch”; combining it with the Blues and Greens it surprises us, and makes us open our eyes to unimagined combinations that result unexpectedly beautiful.


Otter | AliExpress

Essentially the color of the earth itself that joins the urban with the country, and which gives us a touch of essentiality in any space, perfect for any base or for sincere touches of warmness.

Copper Tan

Copper Tan

A burnish metallic that doesn´t only perfectly combine with the warmness and naturalness of the earthy tones seen, but that also gives a touch of antique solemnity, as if we were wearing a necklace that besides the years keeps the beauty of the first days.

Lemon Curry

Lemon Curry

Finally, the original and fun touch that we were lacking, a brushstroke of creativity and dare that frames and highlights, giving also a vintage look to any space.

Autumn Color 2017

For Colección Interiorismo, a true delight between warmness, naturalness, neutrality, and touches of liveliness that frames an ideal portrait for the perfect autumn. Use them, and feel the season coming alive.

Color is my daily obsession, the joy and the torment.

Claude Monet