AYA Art Gallery

AYA Art Gallery is based on the here and now philosophy; in Colección Interiorismo we personally select the work of various mexican artists: painters, sculptors and art object designers that highlight and cohabit with the furniture and designs that we create for our clients in a harmoniously and spiritual way.

We put emphasis on providing beauty, light and color for the environment that we create, including art that feeds the spirit of each of our spaces.

Find the perfect piece of art in our Art Gallery. 


“Now and here, it is not sufficient to live as an observer.

To live the space in History that belongs to us, to invent it,

to make it ours, to be its congruent protagonist.

To put the world upside down or have failed.

Committed to be here and now,

in an unlimited dialogue with our contemporaries”.

José Botaya

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