The Bijenkorf Tower

By the outside, the Bijenkorf Tower is an artistic symbol of  German architecture, and by the inside, the marvelous studio i29 Interior Architects delights us with intrinsically forms in the “Room on the Roof”, achieving by this the essential conjunction of two worlds that we will show you:

Bijenkork Tower: Art and Architecture Expression


Walking through the historical center of Amsterdam, you can lift your eyes, and observe one sample of the most beautiful German architecture: the Bijenkork Tower that resembles a bell tower, and in which you can appreciate the beauty of the gothic esthetic where plain surfaces have been discarded, erecting into points, salients, and projections that play with the pragmatism of the style.

Although the major surprise is inside, because there you will find a vertical studio for artists and creatives. Entering, you will find a stair in the shape of a snail forged in iron, which besides achieving the function of dividing the space, is a main character of the contemporaneous design; in one side, a minimalist room in deep white, which resembles us to its two principal purposes: essentiality and purity, and at the same time, invites and eases us the ascend to the following level of the tower.

On the other side, the bedroom and studio, with a vertical design and wood from floor to ceiling, work spaces and coordinated rooms in an impeccable interior design which accomplishes the functional objective of harmony.

The Room of the Roof


The Room of the Roof of the Bijenkorf Tower was designed by the German firm i29 Interior Architects, founded by Jaspar Jansen and Jeroen Dellensen, characterized by their accomplice space works, which although are rational and utilitarian, don’t get separated from creativity and spontaneity.

The essence of the i29 firm is substantiated in what this project represents, verticality and embedment of the forms that allow a perfect exploitation of the spaces, and that at the same time, gives us a different visualization of a place to habit; Jaspar Jansen y Jeroen Dellensen drive us away from the daily conception, inviting us to enter to a new definition of interiorism.

Art and Architecture Expression


The Bijenkorf Tower is an artistic project by itself, inviting multicultural and multidisciplinary artists, as designers, architects, dancers, musicians, painters, photographers and even cinematographers, with the goal of living and work in their projects there, guiding them to enrich the cultural offer of Amsterdam.

For Colección Interiorismo it is marvelous the idea of conceiving a space for inspiration, it is a delight to count with a place which is by itself an art piece that Jaspar Jansen and Jeroen Dellensen has gifted us to admire and inhabit.

It is worth mentioning that the art resulting of this inspiration, will be showed in public through expositions in stores, virtual media, and of course, in and surrounding Bijenkorf. As its creatives have said, the Bijenkorf Tower is not only an incredibly beautiful architectonical element in the center of Amsterdam, but also a symbol of creative innovation in art, culture, and design.

Art Made Tower 

The Bijenkorf Tower is a sample of an incredible impulse to art and design effort, creating an idealist structure, not only in its conception and materialization, but also in its purpose: to give an space of inspiration, freedom, and projection for art; without a doubt the essence of its creators.

Art is not what you see,

is what you make the others see.

Edgar Degas.