The love for design and beauty on things, can be found in any object, becoming into an objective and a reason to be; that is precisely the case of an enterprise dedicated to the search of an esthetic that fills 2 of our most powerful senses: sight and touch, everything through a texture collection materialized in artisanal rugs whose compositions do not only talk about dedication and originality, but also about real passion towards esthetic and the daily living of the beautiful; meet along with Colección Interiorismo, Calvirugs and its beautiful textile creations.

Calvirugs | Texture collection


An atelier that beyond its 17 years of experience in textiles has stablished, thanks to its love for beauty, a constant dialogue between the worlds of art and design, and not only in 1 country, but also setting bridges between handcrafted fabrications in Monterrey, Oaxaca, India and Nepal, the same that combine contemporary designs and materials with the most traditional and special handcrafting.

That is why, the resulting pieces have been exposed in many museums of our country, and inclusively in foreign places, due that along its beauty and detail, they count with different collaborations with personalities as María José Lavín, Paloma Torres, Héctor Esrawe Jan Hendrix, Ricardo Barroso, Salinas-Lasheras, Treceavo Plano, Amín Suárez, Francisco Larios and James Hd Brown.

The Calvi brothers and their design process  

Galería | Calvirugs

The Calvi Brothers, José Luis, Juan Carlos and Patricio, have developed not only a successful company, but also an entire design process focused on the tireless search of new materials, along with the most experimented artisans, achieving rugs that enclose souls of millenarian traditions, but also having the best quality, due that as what they say, their focal point is the effort to decorate an space according to the tastes and necessities of each person, passing from the simple to the luxurious, but  always keeping design.

Each rug is defined as a process itself, created from the exclusive collaborations with international designers and artists, always taking into consideration the special needs of decoration in forms, measures, and colors, using the best materials as silk, wool, and bamboo, and always keeping the most important: the artisanal making of the knotted rugs in Nepal or handmade in India or Monterrey; a detailed and personalized manufacture that obtains as a result, a daily object, but beautiful, original, and developed by millenarian traditional  hands.

Calvirugs | Organic and Floral Designs

Abstract Roses | Calvirugs

By seeing rugs as Abstract Roses, Flowers, Carnation, Organic or April Seventh, we get immediately surrounded by the subtleness and beauty of nature itself, creating cozy and comfortable environments, but also with that innate freshness of the organic; ideal for any type of decoration, due that we can see romantic natures as in the case of Abstract Roses, but also strong ones as in Organic.

Calvirugs | Animal Design

Animal Design | Calvirugs

Very faraway from animal print, and very near to the fauna´s beauty surrounding us, is just enough to see Olinala or Koi, which despite having as inspiration different species, also highlight 2 different human traditions, in Olinala an indigenous mystic, and in Koi an oriental esthetic, both millenarian.

Calvirugs |Geometrical Design 

Geometrical Design  | Calvirugs

Far from the most common forms, these objects search the geometrization of beauty and the fluidity of patterns; that is such the case of Ducale, Lace, MJL, or Punctual, all of them presenting different lines of inspiration, but at the end creating harmonic and full of different and captive design patterns.

Calvirugs |Designs That Play to Be Art

CORESMA | Calvirugs

Like in Canvas, Botany, Cenefa, or Bark, the line between art and design blurs almost without noticing it, we have to imagine a space where our feet are not only touching the best textures in wool and silk, but that also and literally, walking between watercolors and abstract paints which give beauty and deepness to any space.

Calvirugs | Texture Collection

As we could see, for Colección Interiorismo, Calvirugs in another effort of bringing art and design to daily objects, endowing them with life, force, and even an own soul that trespasses further from an interiorist element.

Visualize any room in your home, and now dress it with a Calvirug, we know that your mind and heart registered the difference.

The stimulus of the senses are not only tasteful:

we can also equally play with touch, contrasts of temperatures and textures,

the sense of smell, sight, colors, forms, visual tricks,

with which the senses become in one of the principal

reference points at the time of creation.

Ferran Adrià