Top of the most emblematic designs of all times 

Through time, chairs have passed from being functional and daily objects, to become in true design pieces of desire, and even, to be considered as art works due of its unique beauty and esthetic.

That is why there are pieces that are considered as icons in the art and design world, provoking thousands of sighs for having that unique and distinguishable piece for any interiorism lover. So, meet along with Colección Interiorismo, 5 of the most emblematic and recognizable chairs in the world, and make yours one of them:

Barcelona Chair | Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Silla Barcelona | Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

The combination of stainless steel and leather, forms an inseparable duet of sophistication and character for any enclosure; and how not achieving this, if its inspiration fount was precisely the “sella curulis”, used by the senior Roman magistrates.

The classical beauty of the Barcelona Chair, along with its ergonomy and harmonious formation, have developed it into a classic work of the XX century furniture design, transforming it into a sculpture that perfectly adapts a style without frontiers and time.

Ghost | Philippe Stark

Ghost | Philippe Stark

Who if not Philippe Stark could dare to reinvent a piece which by itself is a mythical reference of an age; we are referring to the famous Louis XV chair, and its postmodernist reinterpretation in Ghost; a design that unifies an unparalleled dichotomy: a historical style and the purest innovation by forming it from a transparent polycarbonate mold.

The Ghost Chair demonstrates that the classic and the colorful (even ludic) can mix, transferring elegant and robust lines of the original design, into a combination of modern materials and manufacture, which create a perfect balance between the collective memory and the present.

Pantom Chair |Verner Panton 

Pantom Chair | Verner Panton

A chair that is not only considered a Danish masterpiece that revolutionized the 60’s and 70’s design, but also a timeless work which is a classic in the art and design world, exposed even as a permanent piece in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Its creation by Verner Panton and Vitra, was an instant success in esthetics, by contributing with a futurist and pop touch to any room; functional by having as its principal inputs the comfort, localization, and even the perfect sheltering (its unique form allows to stack it without any obstacle); and of course also, in its manufacture, due that it was the first chair in being totally molded in plastic; simply a real innovation that made a wink to the future, and stayed forever.

Egg Chair |Arne Jacobsen 

Egg Chair | Arne Jacobsen

Another design master that put his geniality in a unique piece that shines with its ultra-organic forms that transforms it into a biomorphic work, anticipating to the curves and lines of the human body.

Its design comes from a desirable silhouette of fluid curves which seem to want to invite you to be hugged and cuddled in it, due that its functionality has its roots in a rotatory base, which tilts and rotates, providing private or familiar moments according to the desires of who possesses it.

Besides, it is one of the pieces with highest exclusivity and more difficulty to imitate, its completely handmade upholstered and its ergonomy are so complex, that it has to be individually solved; without a doubt, a clear sample of a unique essence.

Eames Lounge Chair | Ray Eames 

Eames Lounge Chair | Ray Eames

Its conception was defined by Ray as “a warm and receptive look that provides a special refugee for the modern life difficulties”, and Colección Interiorismo, cannot agree more with this description, due that seeing and living an Eames Lounge Chair is to provide the body with a welcoming and comfort sensation.

Its plywood, in combination with the leather, make this chair and its ottoman, an element that activates and exalts any space, explaining why since its apparition it developed into an American classic, and later a classic in the world admired in so despaired places as the iconic MOMA of New York, or the office and living room of any design passionate.

Chair Design

The love for art, design, and interiorism can be found in each object and element that we use to dress our homes, offices, or any space that we wish to make more special; and in the case of chairs, a lot of brilliant characters have bonded their geniality and beauty with the common use, so admire along with Colección Interiorismo this spirit, and make yours the one that fills you the most with inspiration.

Both in poetry as in brief narrative, is possible to talk about common places,

and endowing those objects, a chair, a stone, a woman’s earring,

with the attributes of the immense,

as a renewed power.” Raymond Carver