The Bold Vision of Charlotte Perriand’s Design

To revolutionize the esthetical values of an entire century, is an affirmation that very few designers or artists have been able to adjudicate for themselves, and that is why today, we want to honor one of the most admired women by Colección Interiorismo, one who based on tenacity and boldness achieved to grab for herself this historical classification: we are talking about Charlotte Perriand and her femininity that changed the XX century esthetic.

Charlotte Perriand

Charlotte Perriand | Cassina

Charlotte Perriand is not just another designer, she is an icon, a stellar figure who through boldness, strength, and determination gave life to interiorism as how it is known in modern age, and not only by conceiving it, but also by developing and giving form to it, molding what we know today as the spirit and heart of the contemporaneous lifestyle.

Being Le Corbusier’s collaborator, her work contemplates fundamental pillars of this new architecture, considering functionality, but also the unique metaphysical destiny of any home: the generation of beauty as direct influence in the form of life of its occupants.

Cassina | Context Gallery

With this, her life was consecrated to the “art of dressing the house”, creating furniture and spaces with soul, and humanizing the pieces through a feminist and new vision of beauty, but also of the functionality, ergonomy, and formality of a good internal architecture.

This comprehension of the feminine, doesn’t talk about austere or stereotypical precepts of extreme feminism, but instead, of the necessary intuition and talent to discover materials, forms, and sets, that united, create animated spaces that talk about the personality of its inhabitants; nothing less than the essence of our passion: interiorism.

Charlotte Perriand’s History 

Charlotte Perriand | AD

Charlotte Perriand’s history is a clear sample that deception and frustration can be routed into exceptional achievements, because after disagreeing with some of the guidelines of her study house, the École de l’Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs, in 1927 she directed to the Le Corbusier’s studio where she received one of the harshest negatives: “Unfortunately, in this atelier we don’t embroider pillows.”

Negative that instead of getting her apparted from her impetus, maked her explode into more work and design, exposing it later in Bar sous le Toit in the Autumn Saloon, perfectly reflecting all the essential points of the new ideology; and in such a way, that when it was visited by Le Corbusier, he got fascinated, and regretfully, he invited her to work with him and Pierre Jeanneret in Rue de Sèvres; a real turn of screw and a slap with a white woman’s glove.

Cassina | Petalo Gallery

From that point, her work evolved in a natural and constant form, always influenced into new organical forms and traditional materials, as wood and bamboo, but always in a constant of new order and emotional use; on the other side, her trips to Japan, Indochina, and Brazil, didn’t make anything else than to encourage that unique spirit hidden in the handcrafted techniques.

And this is how, we get to her role in the creation of Le Corbusier: the humanization of the cold rationalism of her mentor, creating equilibrium, originality, and beauty in roughness.

Although that, and no mattering her own importance, Charlotte always stood in a second plane, gaining fame later, but without never deviating from her true objective: to qualify the internal spaces and create a total coherence between furniture, architecture, and of course, interiorism.

Charlotte Perriand’s Work

And as a sample of all what Colección Interiorismo is saying, here there are 3 works of our incredible Charlotte Perriand:

Under the Ceiling Bar | Charlotte Perriand

LC10-P | Cassina

Nothing less than the work that catapulted her into world’s recognition, and the right  wink that melted Le Corbusier’s negatives; in it we see all the furniture of a bar, including canteens, tables, and chairs, fully constructed with nickel plated copper and anodized aluminum, a frame that accomplish with the avant-garde and functional design of tubular parts, which also includes an innate sensibility towards a modern lifestyle; a piece that unites the 3 essential pillars of interiorism: functionality, esthetic, and comfort.

Ombra Chair and Tumbona Basculante | Charlotte Perriand

LC7 | Cassina

Two of her most brilliant icons, and sample of one of the most emblematic characteristics of Charlotte’s work: the union between tradition and modernism; the wood and metal in the Ombra Chair and the metallic design of a modern deck chair with the oscillation of an antique rocking chair. Both objects, perfect examples of functional elements, but also of the  autonomy and art that link structure and domestic beauty.

Les Arcs | Charlotte Perriand

LC1 | Cassina

Her collaboration in this winter complex of the French Savoya, unifies 4 essential rules: respect for the natural environment, conservation of the antique chalets of the zone, usage of local materials, and of course, the interior design open concept; all to combine the old with the new, the synergy of the external beauty with the internal, and above all, the creation of a new lifestyle; precisely the union of a life’s work, in a massive complex.

Charlotte Perriand

A woman who overlapped concepts and prejudices of an age, and who through work and dedication, achieved to shoot down barriers, and most important, that raised the world’s standards in esthetic and function: Charlotte Perriand, the heart of design in a woman.

Today as yesterday, women should refuse

to be submissive and credulous,

because dissimulation can’t serve to truth.

Germaine Greer