Colección Interiorismo

Colección Interiorismo is the firm created by Claudia Grajales, with more than 20 years of experience in interior design projects, restyling of spaces, creation of design concepts and management of exclusive international brands of furniture and decorative items.

Our designs have contributed to the world with innovative and avant-garde concepts; we have revolutionized ideas in all the interiorism fields obtaining the recognition of the international brands, maintaining the boldness and the sophistication that characterize us.

We are defined by the passion for details; we constantly look from the inside to the outside in the search for refinement and perfection in the life style of our clients, listening to their necessities and carefully selecting for them all the materials, objects and furniture that altogether create endearing experiences and spaces.

The designs of Colección Interiorismo achieve the perfect relationship between comfort, singularity and unique objects.

Our interior designers count with the sensibility for combining elements and brands that constitute exclusive concepts for each of our clients, giving value for each object and each space.

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