A Design Legend

For Colección Interiorismo, the English David Hicks stands as one of the most influential designers of his generation, being artist and creator for great characters of the aristocracy, society, and spectacles, brighting like a design star in such emblematic projects like the first apartment of the Gales Prince in the Buckingham Palace.

This is why today, and with the great admiration that Colección Interiorismo professes to him, we present to you the life and work of this incredible and emblematic design figure: David Hicks.

A Design Legend


This legend starts with a unique talent and an incomparable sense for color, which lead David Hicks to design and create his own fabrics and carpets in the 60´s, after any design was able to achieve his desires in matters of creativity and use of colors.

And this is how this dandy accomplished to attend the interior design necessities of great public personalities in a very short period of time; for example, in aristocracy from the royal English family to the Arabia Saudi king, and in the spectacle and fashion worlds to figures like Vidal Sassoon, Helena Rubinstein, and Mrs. Condé Nast, amplifying his territory to the jewelry and fashion design, and sustaining one of the premises that rules the work of Colección Interiorismo: the talent for design expands itself to any field, becoming applicable art for every and each aspect of the human being; design is art for the everyday life.

Characteristics of a Legend 


What, for Colección Interiorismo, places Hicks in the status of a legend is precisely this shape of artist. By seeing his work we can clearly highlight, that although the necessities of his clients are fulfilled, his unique vision and seal are imposed, taking for granted that beyond hiring his services, his select clientele hired him and his unique sense of color and composition, without mattering his monochromy or even his transgressions in many works, and giving value to the particular seal that reflects his vision. Having a room, a jewel, or a piece elaborated by Hicks, becomes a synonym of artistic heritage, transcending the physical value, and turning us towards the sensibility of the creative soul.

And in him, there is no mayor discussion than observing this soul in the color usage; his orange, green, purple, and pink interiors are his distinctive brands, highlighting the elegance in a difficult, and even eccentric, use of shades. On the other side, we can also point his spectacular geometrical prints, which defy the sight and the conventionalism.

And precisely these contrasts are something that CI loves about this designer, because even in clothes (inspired or designed by him) he used linings in spectacular live colors, creating more than a crash, a vibration that causes the effect of possessing something unique and sparkling.

Details and Curiosities of a Legend


Colección Interiorismo wants you to know about all that little things that gave life to the icon in which Hicks became, so for that, we bring to you the list of the most significative:

  • David always was characterized for being a very instructed, perfectly dominating the English style, but also having the vision to combine it with different styles in each country and age.
  • Another one of his particular decoration seals was the creation of the called “altars” in auxiliary tables, giving vital importance to objects like photos or flowers, remarking with these the soul of its inhabitants.
  • In his creations we can see icons inside the icon, due to the usage of legendary pieces ass the Egg Charis of Jacobsen, the Tulip series of Saarinen, or the plastic chairs of Colombo.
  • David published 11 books, which are still milestones of the interior design ambit.

Legacy of a Legend

Beyond the conservation of many of his interior decoration works in aristocratic homes like the Buckingham Palace, or in celebrity houses in so different places as New York, London or Zurich, his son Ashley Hicks, continues with his work in different projects as his colorful and extravagant rugs in Stark Carpets, his painted papers with editors as Cole & Son, his fabrics in Lee Jofa, and even tiles in Popham Design.

And with this, there is no much left to say for Colección Interiorismo, than highlighting what we have told: the difference between a casual star and a legend, lays in his legacy, and David Hicks, through his work, is already immortal.

To decorate is the art of accentuating the best and covering the worst.

David Hicks