Decoration Tips for Your First Apartment

The transition to count with your own space where to live and develop, is a common dream whose realization evokes a sensation of independence and strength, as well as the possibility of projecting our being into a unique and personal space, transforming it into a faithful reflection of our personality, dreams, hopes, and tastes.

This is how our home, our mirror, gets full of shades, contrasts, subtleties, and strengths through decoration and interiorism that have to thrill all our senses each time we wake up or get there; so please continue reading, and discover along with CI how to achieve it with the best decoration tips for your first apartment.

Inspiration | The Manhattan Apartment

The Manhattan Apartment

The labor of reflecting your soul and essence in a first space, is a work that requires the essentiality of finding what inspires you, understanding this search as a perfect trip to see and make yours the elements that talk about you; each person is capable of giving soul to the objects, and the interiorism works that manage to transmit this, locate each aspect as art in movement and evolution.

The Manhattan Apartment

As examples, there are many works and places that have served to Colección Interiorismo as muses and creative fonts, and only one sample of this, is the Manhattan Apartment of Kelly Wearstler, a space in New York that unites the perfection of luxury and sophistication, with funny and original touches.

The Manhattan Apartment

Neutral colors and furniture with metallic details, are combined with conversational pieces that talk to us about the human contrasts of its inhabitants, such as a green emerald kitchen that talks about a personal eccentricity, or a center table in marble, to which its sobriety is ripped off by two legs and a stiletto in bronze that emerge from it, a real feminine statement of strength and energy.

The Living Room of Your Dreams

James | Meridiani

Without a doubt, one of the central parts of any home is the living room, a transformable place that can shelter a cozy rainy afternoon, the reading of a good book, and at the same time, a night with friends or a family talk.

Bongo | Meridiani

And to achieve the perfect space, in Colección Interiorismo we believe that there are 2 essential keys, the first one, is the selection of a classic sofa, but that can also contributes as a design element; you can find some of our favorites with Meridiani, having timeless classics as the James or Frieman Ghost models, as well as more avant-garde elements, being 2 of our favorites, the Hector model, and of course, the Lenny Fit; finding in all of them a comfort that wraps you, but also style and trend.

Lola | Meridiani

On the otherside, don’t forget to complete it with chairs that bring you the perfect grade of contrast, just give a look to the George Smith Chair of Jean Louis Denoit or a Meridiani’s Lola; the touches of color, that along with the center tables in marble or wood, and art capable to touch your most sensitive fibers, will transform your space into the best.

The Kitchen as Central Element 

The kitchen has stopped being a backstage space to develop into an essential element of interiorism, even more, if we consider that one of the strongest trends for apartments is the usage of “open space” between the living room, dining room, and kitchen, giving a sensation of openness and unity to all the place.

Cocinas Xavie’z

And as an accent for all these concepts, the personalization of the kitchen results into one of the central focuses, being perfect examples for Colección Interiorismo, one of the 7 “Tailor tasted” concepts of Piet Boon, all centered in the passion for natural materials, handcrafted confections, and of course, balance between functionality, esthetic, and individuality; due that in any of its options we can find perfect mixes for any sensorial palate: wood with white funds, metallic and blacks with chrome steels, total whites, and even, nickel-plated bricks and marble worktops; true design for a completely new visualization.

Without Comparison Lights and Details 

Finally, we reach to the details that mark the difference; to that objects that will finish telling everything about you, shading each one of your tastes, memories, and hopes; on illumination, it is enough just by seeing pieces as the Paper Chandelier of Studio Job to remember our first childhood creations, or the Neri & Hu’s Emperor, which carry us to a very well-known fable of a mockingbird; simple elements that humanize and talk by itselfs.

On the other side, there are details that change everything, and if you don’t believe it, try a Marcel Wenders’s “O”, the dream of snuggling up in a giant circular chair; or simply a Signature Carpet, which with their strong personalities and its almost surrealist designs, can even completely determine the style of a room that will trap the sights of everyone.

Rabbit Table Lamp | Moooi

Without a doubt, all these Moooi House elements, are clear samples of details that can change everything.

Decoration Tips for Your First Apartment

As we saw, each space and piece talks about patience, care, and above all, love from its selection to the final exposition in your new home; precisely what your first space deserves; a place where you will undertake a new path of self-discovery and independence, surrounded of an environment that will hug and protect you in the adventures of a new life.

“If you ask me to name the principal benefactor of a house, I should say: the house shelters a dreamed day, the house protects the dreamer, the house let us to peacefully dream”; transform your home into the mirror of your own spirit and dreams.

The House have to be the life’s case,

the happiness machine.

Le Corbusier