Design Trends for Offices

Enterprises and studios of architecture and interiorism have united expectatives, dreams, and ideologies to create new working spaces that no longer just talk about schedules, responsibilities, and structure, but also of human necessities, synchrony, respect for individuality, and of course, the communitarian and integral spirit of belonging only to one home.

Spectacular Interiorism  

This is why today Colección Interiorismo wants to show you 4 of the most spectacular offices in the world, which have been awarded by international critics in the World Festival of Interiors, for crystalizing the best dreams of interiorism in working spaces, creating places that beyond exhaling its own personality, seem to hug the people who have the fortune of working there; join us to know them, and with it, the best office design trends in the world.

Sahibinden | Erginoglu & Çalisar Studio

The offices of this online announcer company ubicated on Estambul, have been recognized in the interior design world thanks to the marvelous work of Erginoglu & Çalisar firm, which was in charge of transforming this great 5,000 m² surface, into the corporative dream of nailing down the spirit and philosophy of sophistication and connectivity, far from conventionality, by presenting a syncretizing space between 2 worlds: the laboral and the social, creating an atmosphere of total comfort.

For this, the interior layout was based, at first instance, in the elliptic and almost organical form of the building, creating a second floor that concentrates the working areas in a perfect “open space” trend, as well as meeting rooms that surround these openings, maintaining a visual connection with the exterior; all previous, remarked with a Scandinavian style in wooden floors, neutral colors, and concrete points of color that refresh and make us remember the original vision of its creators.

On the otherside, in the second floor, besides of observing these stylistics elements, there are various recreational, sport, and even, networking zones, the same that enjoy a high ceiling design, which allow to add in-between floors connected by bridges, continuing with the sentimental objectives of the building: warmness, harmony, and work.

Arkwright | Haptic Architects

The offices of this financial advisor are a work of the British Studio Haptic Architects, being a clear sample of the creative spirit and philosophy of this firm, noting in all its interiorism a first plane full of pragmatism and an elegant composition for each space, counting further, with a perfect mix of woods, concrete, and grey and blue colors with brown touches, which perfectly mark the actual trend.

Likewise, Colección Interiorismo sees its creative force, through artisanal furniture that enforces the Nordic style, without competing with the protagonism of the light usage and the open spacial relationships, playing through the principal pieces with metallic details in “slits”, the same that make us feel surrounded by windows towards unique working spaces.

ANZ | Hassell

This Australian bank stands, besides being an architectural and interior design icon, as a social and environmental referent in the world, due that its esthetic and functionality was created to represent what Studio Hassell defines as an “urban campus”, one which fluid forms inspired on the nature surrounding it, amplify even more, the sensation of openness and synchrony with the environment.

The furniture and finishes, are a mix of woods with metal and dark steel, as well as a vivid color palette, which accomplishes the same levels as nature; from greys to browns in the floor, to clear blues and white in the superior layers.

In summary, Hassell’s effort has been fulfilled in a building with soul, welcoming its community through public art, cafeterias, and visitor’s centers, changing the notion of austerity and secrecy of conventional banks, and showing itself as friendly, even with the environment, by using processes for wastes and water; definitely the evolution of an image.

Flamingo | Neri & Hu Design and Research

For Colección Interiorismo, the work of Neri & Hu Design and Research Studio in Flamingo, a creative agency in Shanghai, is almost poetical, taking as inspiration for the remodeling of this industrial floor, the metaphor of an attic that represents a deep subconscious, one where openness and intimacy, light and shadow, stillness and creativity, play at the same time in a harmonic field full of opportunities.

The mixture of concrete, wood, and metal panels, as well as black and white furniture and accessories, give a sophisticated base of simplicity to the use of light through skylights and windows, letting us to experiment the ceilings from many dimensions.

And precisely, this use of glass of different types, transforms the space into a constant mirror of introspection, but also of observation of our similars, empowering the creative process of an office designed for being the home of it.

Design Trends for Offices

As we saw, each of these spectacular spaces and its brilliant creators, shine with the office design trends, rotating around the humanization of spaces in an integrality that does not demerit interiorism, architecture, or design, but rather, unifies them to work in function of the well-being, and of course, towards the ultimate objective that we all want to achieve: happiness.

Pleasure at work puts perfection in work.