Design World 2018

The world is increasingly submerged in the importance of design not only as a luxury, but as an intrinsic need for any of our spaces, providing them not only styles or trends, but also our own personality and everything that generates a sum towards the well-being of each of our human senses and dimensions, thrilling ourselves for it and for each of its nuances.

This is how us, the design lovers, count with a list of must-see events around the world that will be the watershed of trends; the opportunities are unique, and Colección Interiorismo recommends you its top 5:

Top 5 Must-See International Design Fairs of This 2018

Maison & Objet | Paris, France

Dates: January 19 to 23 and September 8 to 12 of 2018

Maison&Object 2017 | Dining and Living Room

With its 2 editions per year, Maison & Objet is one of the most iconic highlights of the design world, and is catalogued as THE experience in the ambit, its inspirational theme for this 2018 is “Show-room”, demonstrating the “decorative exhibitionism” trend; definitely our spaces are being modified almost as a lifestyle portrait that can be virally disseminated in any moment; move through 3 dimensions that will conquer you:

  • Maison: Simply the best of world interiorism.
  • Objet: The global reference in concept and retail.
  • Influences: Accompanied by design and architecture tops, showing the most wonderful existing couples.

Besides, in each edition the designer of the year is presented; the last one: Tristán Auer, no one else than one of the most acclaimed interiorists, who literally dictates lifestyle trends in the world.

Salone del Mobile Milano | Milan, Italy

Dates: April 4 to 9 of 2018

Salone del Mobile | Koket

With the participation of more than 165 countries, it is one of the most important showcases, where each year the best designers, brands, and artists make an appointment, being an inflexion point for the global trends in furniture, illumination, decoration, interiorism, design, and architecture.

Simply the cradle of the best trendsetters of past years: Pistacchi Design with its Comma Chair, Jasper Morrison with All Plastic Chair, Alberto Meda with Origami, or Air of Daniele Lago, can be mentioned as some of them.

London Design Festival | London, Great Britain

Dates: September 15 to 23 of 2018

London Design Festival | The Architects’ Journal

One of the creative hearts of the world, this festival arises as one of the bests, trying to transform London into one of the design world capitals; its structure contains the best to make us dream: installations at the most incredible spots of the city, collaborations between museums and designers, design districts and destinies, and if it was not enough, The London Design Fair, which reunites the global experts in design, architecture, and interiorism.

This last year, Zuza Mengham (by the way also winner of Maison & Objet as Rising Talent) won the title as best designer, thanks to her exceptional use of colors and materials, showed in emblematic perfume containers transformed into pure art.

International Fair of Frankfort | Frankfort, Germany

Dates: February 9 to 13 of 2018

Frankfurt | ArchDaily

The paradise for lovers of interiorism, decoration, and trends. Be part of the statements that will conform 3 world references:

  • Dining: The best design for table and kitchen.
  • Living: A true lifestyle guide.
  • Giving: Nothing less than giving away something that dresses the homes of the persons that we love, as well as our own enclosure.

Besides, it functions as a platform for new talents and trends; another place to be in this 2018.

ID d´Art Lyon | Lyon, France

Dates: November 24 to 26 of 2018

ID d’Art

The perfect conjugation between art and design, its saloons are a jump between fashion, objects, furniture design, and decoration, seasoned with that passion for art and beauty that characterizes the French nation. A true delight for knowers, and also a trampoline to discover emerging talents and trends.

Design World 2018

A new year starts, and with it, all the worldwide movements that will inspire us to fill each space and moment of our homes and lives; open your horizons and find the best design through the ideal form of knowledge: traveling; absorb each culture and vision, and fusion the new discoveries with your own history, so, you can reinvent yourself again.

Our battered suitcases were stacked on the sidewalk again;

we had a lot to travel. But it did not matter, road is life.  

Jack Kerouac