Ernest Perera and the Sculptural Design

The relationship between the user and the object, the principal restleness of any designer, architect or artist, is illustrated by the character that Colección Interiorismo brings you to know, so at the same time, you can share with us our admiration for his work: Ernest Perera and his sculptural design.

Ernest Perera

Ernest Perera – Escuela de Diseño LCI Barcelona

Ernest Perera fuses in a perfect way art with functionality, creating objects that speak and transmit to the spectator, true conversational pieces which distinguish themselves as objects that tell stories; tales of a context, of a culture, of subjective observations, and inclusively of feeling engines.

In 2005, Ernest created his own object editorial “Amor de Madre”, which even from its name takes us back to the essence of the objective: to visualize the object from the conception to its commercial and utilitarian application, without forgetting the art that circles through it; these have allowed the exposition of the pieces in galleries of Paris, Milan, Sidney, and other focal design points.

The Sculptural Geometry of Ernest Perera

Ernest Perera – Amor de Madre

Hearing the word geometry, instinctively takes us back to ideas of exactitude in measurements and precision, but ironically, the majority of the artists arrive to it in an  intuitive form, this means as a part of a conceptual search and not as an structural basis by itself; and exactly that is what Colección Interiorismo sees with clarity in the marvelous work of Ernest Perera, an artist concerned to find solutions in everyday life, and who occupies the geometrical structure as a mean to achieve contemporary answers in the daily object.

He indicates that the 4 pillars that support his works are freedom, coherence, simplicity and usability, columns that by analyzing them, talk about the perfect conjunction between creativity and originality through a coherent and lineal structure, geometrical purity that works for the humanization of the object.

Ernest Perera – Objects

Ernest Perera – Amor de Madre

Colección Interiorismo can clearly see in Ernest a creative spirit specialized in home objects, utensils that allow the tasks facilitation and that can even contribute with beauty in the everyday life, in it we can see the passion of inventiveness, and the rush to show and give different solutions, which at the end have the objective of making our life simpler, and even in a lot of times, with a touch of humor.

For example, we can distinguish  “Les Decouvertes”, elected for 2008 Maison Objet which is a group of cuisine and home pieces with geometrical cuts that bring a different touch to the everyday objects, showing that an effective usage isn’t in fight with new ways of conceptualizing and visualizing an object.

Ernest Perera – Galleries and Ateliers

Ernest Perera – Amor de Madre

In his galleries and ateliers, we can find very varied objects, which at the same time seem to have a consonance between them, by using noble materials, especially woods that transmit simplicity and ergonomy.

For Colección Interiorismo, our favorite selection of objects created by Ernest  Perera are without a doubt the Offset games, which are a direct invitation for art and creativity, the Ori Collection of “Street” furniture which seems like origami figures created in a spontaneous outbreak and in complicity with the tired walker, and the Orb Lamps which follow us according to our night and literary necessities.

Ernest Perera – Artistic Design

Ernest Perera – Amor de Madre

Now that we can enjoy together the magnificent work of this artist and designer, we believe that you are now capable to absorb, and even more, to appreciate his labor, a work characterized by no intrusive objects, focused in the original usage of everyday objects which don’t eclipse spaces, and which instead fusion with its environments. His art takes us by the hand towards one of his principal objectives, to revive the artisan that puts his soul into the pieces, making us feel that we possess unique objects with soul.

Design is not to philosophize, it’s for life.

Issey Miyake