The Objects of Eugeni Quitllet

Eugeni Quitllet, transmits through each one of his objects the dichotomy between dream and design, by achieving an inseparable relationship between functionality and style with sophisticated silhouettes that take out the best of each chosen material.

Although his pieces are contemporary, they fill us with a timeless sensation, caused by the magic of the emotion that they transmit, “my objects are inspired with the sophisticated magic enclosed by everything that is alive”, And his creative vocabulary doesn´t only reach until that, but also is transmitted into the skeletons of his works, the vision of fullness in his finished objects, and why not and inclusively, in a touch of humor that stands out as a perfect accent.

Meet along with Colección Interiorismo, Eugeni Quitllet and his mix of design, art, and sculpture that made him worthy of Maison&Objet Designer of the Year 2016.

The Objects of Eugeni Quitllet

Eugeni Quitllet | Archiproducts

Eugeni´s story, is a faithful reflection of his multi-faceted capacity, being son of a painter and photographer, and a designer of jewelry and ceramics, and passing from a peaceful beach environment in his natal Ibiza, to study in Barcelona, and later, stablish in the United States; a mix that has developed as a result an eclectic vision full of curves that flow, digital precision, and forms full of energy that bring wellness and contemporaneity.

On the other instance, in 2001 Eugeni met Philippe Starck, who fascinated by his cosmovision, started a collaboration of more than 10 years with him, until Quitllet stablished his own studio, giving to him an invaluable element for his fantastic work: “Starck thought me to make industrial dreams”, reaching a maturity in design that has developed him into a true master.

This is how his pieces seem to be alive, full of essential forms, and using a huge diversity of materials, principally plastic, which is defined by himself as the skin for his ideas, and aluminum, the icon of ductility and fluidness; optimistic designs that invite to look into the future.

More of Eugeni Quitllet´s Objects

As a sample of all this incredible work, meet along with Colección Interiorismo, 4 of his most acclaimed and recognized works in the world:

Tabu Chair

Tabu Chair | Domus

Quitllet´s organic design by excellence; Colección Interiorismo defines it as a sprout of the earth, remembering by its own shape, the natural growth of a tree; and which paradoxically, is created by one of the human evolution icons: the robotics required for a digital sculpture.

Eugeni talks about his design exalting this metaphor by saying that “Tabu is a form of synthetizing nature, to naturalize the industry”, a reflection in 5 different versions which seem stages of the same vital growth; from the most simple model with a backrest composed only by 2 wooden vertical pieces which make us think in an evolutionary object, to pieces with backrests in transparent acrylic and different heights, a diversity that is a true reflection of life.

Dream Tools 

Dream Tools | Laurel & Wolf

Office accessories created for Lexon, which really seem to be taken out from an ethereal and transparent world that can only live in the oniric. Objects so daily and simple as a pen, a desk organizer, or a tape dispenser, transformed into “Peter Pen”, “Liquid Station”, and “Roll Air”; 3 pieces that although its real functionality, are closer to art and to a unique gift for the daily.

For Colección Interiorismo, Eugeni perfectly illustrates it by describing them as “micro architectures that catch the sight to dream, work, and think more clearly”, simply inspiring objects that seem to gravitate in a parallel dimension.

Cloud-io Chair and Vas-o 

Two pieces that seem to have arisen from the air or water, as if life would have given a way to 2 objects that flow with it, and that transpose with its environment. The Vas-o, a flower base that seems to be solidified water in big moving drops, a container of beauty that symbolizes the flower’s feelings: beauty, love, and poetry.

On the other side, Cloud-io materialized as a paradoxical object of transparency and harmony; and as its name indicates, a cloud that finally can be touched and used in the everyday life; water and air condensing in a space only for us.

Dream Air Chair

Dream Air chair | Leibal

Described as its creator as “a scarf in the wind, a dream suspended in it”, a chair whose simplicity has been raised by a translucent design that seems to emanate from the metal as a mist coming out from a solid cliff, and that also permits the capture of an impossible moment by sitting in the void.

Its beauty shown in a curved design, arose a new expression created by Quitllet “AIR-gonomiE”.

Eugeni Quitllet

For Colección Interiorismo, the objects of Eugeni Quitllet have born to create the legend of a transformed world by a creative genius, a planet where nature and the most advanced humanity live together in functional pieces, but so beautiful and aspirational, that take us back to think in art.

Without a doubt, knowing his work, is to never forget Eugeni Quitllet, and his oniric design world.

The world needs of dreamers and the world needs makers.

But above all, the world needs dreamers who make.

Sarah Ban Breathnach