Food & Design 

Food has stop being only a necessity to transform into a whole experience, from the preparation, ingredients, presentation and also, the places and forms in which we enjoy it; that is why today Colección Interiorismo brings for you the Food & Design trend, which involves a series of elements and nuances, focused on innovating the food, and giving to it new emotional and sensorial meanings that defies the actual traditions.

Guy de Maupassant said that “The kitchen is the alchemy of love”, and with that idea on mind, let’s make a travel through the most important of Food & Design:

Passion and Creativity

Design Milk

The food spaces are based on palates, in moments and inclusively in wished atmospheres, precisely for CI, this last thing has to be the directive in the interior design of this vital human space: the creation of an specific atmosphere that transmits the feeling of a place and its food; some people say that from the sight love is born, and food is not the exception.

And as a sample of the incredible designs in restaurants and bars, just look at the passion and creativity from which so many places were created as the H.R. Giger Museum Bar in Gruyères, Switzerland; the Truth Cafe in Cabo City, Sudafrica; The Jane Restaurant in a renewed church in Ambers, Belgic; the Bicycle Bar in Bucharest, Rumania; Logomo Café in Turku, Finland; What Happens When Restaurant in New York, and The Design Bar in Estocolmo, Sweden; for only mentioning some of the ones that have inspired us the most.

Culinary Montage

Great British Chefs

Design has reached every aspect of our lives, and food isn’t the exception, sticking in the plates, and valuing not only the flavor but also its presentation; the dedication that we see through admiring a culinary montage makes us feel lucky and special by tasting the offered dish.

The food industry has felt into the design nets, and now uses the figure of the “food designer”, who is a true artist that through an alienation and presentation of colors, forms and figures, let us taste not only with our mouths, but also with our sight and smell.

Marti Guixe, industrial designer of food, says: “Food Design makes possible to think in food as a product of eatable design”, so we can talk about modifications (even molecular ones), or the design of dishes, working in it like in a painting canvas, giving it structure and beauty. The esthetic isn’t in fight with the matter, and the search and find of the beautiful can be observed here.

Food & Design

Design Milk

This is the part of the objects creation which naturally focuses in all the personal and inherent of cuisine; a meticulous preparation, a presentation that sensitize, and even a careful storage; this type of design is what let us to keep contemplating beautiful pots, creative complements, marvelous crockery, or the dining rooms of our dreams.

Since now Colección Interiorismo is an admirer of firms like Tom Dixon with his new collection “Tableware Plum” made of copper; or the sophisticated coffee maker “Pulcina” of Michele De Lucchi for Alessi, two pieces that present itselfs as art objects, and that are also pleasure pieces.

Finally, there can also be food for design, being the font of inspiration by its form, creating an object or furniture that talks about a natural design; at the end, in both cases, the inspiration is reciprocal between food and design.

And this is how, the Food Design becomes an element of daily coexistence that can make food an entire experience of beauty and dedication.

May the food be your nourishment,

and the nourishment your medicine.