Fossils and Minerals | Decoration Trend

Thousands are the artists and designers who over the centuries have taken nature as inspiration to create their works, our maximum reference in terms of such a perfect esthetic, that has even been part of millenarian mysteries due to their innate symmetry and originality, which lead us to think of an unknown and almost divine constant that governs natural beauty.

And if nature itself is an obvious muse, why would it not also be art and design? One that practically does not require processings, because of its own beauty, without intercalating any human process that disturbs it, or in any case, that is only used to the enhance beauty through adaptive or conservation processes.

That is why today, we will explore together another trend in decoration that, for Colección Interiorismo, further mystifies the natural beauty of materials and the things that surround us: fossils and minerals for interior design.

Fossils and Minerals


The trend in decoration through fossils and minerals, focuses on showing these elements as inherently beautiful objects, found in such remote places as mountains, islands, or Nordic forests, origins that tell us about their naturalness and their wonderful essentiality.

Such is the case of crystals of different types, which despite their hardness have a degree of purity such that they allow the passage of light, showing a natural connection with other objects (even if they are artificial), and thus creating a new relationship with design, architecture, interior design, and, of course, the very life of those who passionately contemplate them acquire them as a piece of authenticity for any space.



Not only the usefulness but also the beauty of the minerals have been coveted since the beginning of times, and although these have also been used as decoration materials, a clear trend has arisen towards, more than the creation, the adaptation of minerals and rocks that have been formed and extracted from the earth, to become objects of decoration by themselves, probably with some process of carving, cutting, polishing, or even and only, positioning them in bases, becoming objects of desire for its incredible esthetic that remembers the wonders of the world in which we live.

For Colección Interiorismo, there are minerals that seem taken from the mind of the best designer, that is the case of the beauty of quartz crystallizations, the history and awesomeness of petrified wood, the colors of amethyst druse, jasper, and jade, or the purity of calcite and selenite.

These pieces stop being only simple minerals, to transform through their hardness, transparency, geometry, and color into desire pieces for design lovers and collectors.

The Fossils 


To authenticate a space by creating its own soul, it’s not an easy thing, and precisely the use of fossils makes this work a little easier task; for Colección Interiorismo the acquisition of a fossil, is not only the placement of an ancient test of life, but rather, the reflection of an authentic passion for world’s history, and the different paths where evolution and time have made us pass.

Believe us, the visit to any specialized gallery on fossils, makes us wonder and really open our mouths beyond the enormity in time and space, for example an Hadrosaurian leg with an antiquity of between 1 to 2 million years, o a Megalodon tooth with 55 to 65 million years; the magnificence of having the possibility of acquiring a such impressive piece of history, coats interiorism with an unparalleled importance.

The objects made from Minerals and Fossils 

And finally, we come to a section where we can discover perfect combinations between man and nature, due to the existence of objects made from minerals and fossils, which despite any adaptive process, preserve its properties, esthetic, and unique nature.

That is the case, for example, of tables and lamps from materials that integrate in a careful, methodic, and almost subtle manner, some elements as legs or screens, to create with them, a functional line, and at the same time an artistic one, always respectful and almost venerant of its fusion, being an example of distinctive interiorism, and even, a conscious one of its universal heritage.

Fossils and Minerals

For us, interior design is a space by itself, which opens day by day more and more doors, leading us to discover unique pieces that do not only come from design or art, but also from the nature surrounding us.

Colección Interiorismo warmly embraces this decorative trend through fossils and minerals as another tool towards the creation of unique spaces, which do not only exist, but that also transmit and live through its objects.

God sleeps on minerals, awakes on plants,

walks in animals, and thinks on man.

Arthur Young