Berlin Art Award 2017

The art, design, and architecture world recognizes one of the most admired architects of Colección Interiorismo with the Berlin Art Award 2017: Francisco Mangado and his timeless work that has been shining since many years ago in different European sites, creating an enviable trajectory, worthy of recognition around the world.

Berlin Art Award 2017

Francisco Mangado | TC Cuadernos

The Berlin Art Award 2017, recognizes in the projects of this Spanish, the proposal of atypical and new structures, full of a tireless fight that Mangado has been proposed to himself in life: the interaction and coexistence of various disciplines of the human intellect and creativity, between them, art and design, but also sociology and economy; which talks to us about an integral and in constant search work, not only of esthetical values, but also of human elements capable of arising complete concepts of wellness, functionality, and beauty.

In his works we can clearly see a trend towards logic and simplicity, translated into elegance, sophistication, intelligence, and of course, beauty: beyond these, each scheme and proposal transforms clearly into a solution for a problem, letting clear the esthetical and architectonical elements, but also the typological and spacial ones, creating incredible duets between function and beauty.

Francisco Mangado Iconic Works

To comprehend a little more the concepts and shades of this magnificent Spanish architect, in Colección Interiorismo we want to present you 4 of his most iconic works, which back up each element of his ideology and esthetics:

Francisco Mangado | Asturian Museum of Fine Arts 

Francisco Mangado | Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias

Two facades, a union between past and present, that respects the original cover, but sustained by a new front just beyond it, an initial element that talks to us with great intensity, about the visual but also functional, importance of the building.

Francisco Mangado | Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias | ArchDaily México

Entering in these backdrops, into which we guess naked holes, we find a true ode to light architecture through an almost vitreous construction, whose purity of lines and space logic, center the attention in the true protagonists: the more of 15,000 art works exposed there, all in a niveous and modern environment, and which warmness is found in the wooden floors that make us remember the best Scandinavian style.

Francisco Mangado | Alava Archeological Museum

Francisco Mangado | Museo Arqueológico de Álava | SF23 Arquitectos

Just as Mangado describes it:  “A dense coffin which, as any coffin, hides in its interior the treasure that history has wanted to leave us piece by piece”, for Colección Interiorismo a perfect sentence to describe this building, which in the outside shows itself as industrial and hermetic, but that through its passages of light and wood, bring us to windows where we can see the beautiful and rich interior; a whole magical space that talks us about time, discoveries, and even, adventure.

In another instance, on the inside, the exposition rooms are crossed by light prisms, another perfect reminiscence of the archeological objective: to illuminate the hidden, and by this, unveil the past richness and beauty.

Francisco Mangado | Avila Municipal Center for Expositions and Congresses

Francisco Mangado | Centro Municipal de Exposiciones y Congresos de Ávila

A true evocative force of the landscape surrounding it, the granite mass seeps into the importance that Mangado has given to the topographic conditioners, giving life to his project in 2 different geometries: one octagonal and extended where we find the auditoriums, and other irregular, more adapted to the soil, and where the expositions live; everything sculpted into great granite volumes.

Francisco Mangado | Centro Municipal de Exposiciones y Congresos de Ávila

On the inside, a different reality; rooms coated with fiber glass, which despite pf giving us a distinguishable luminous and modern appearance, also gives us coherence for the expert eye: a mineralization of the ethereal through laminar glass; a clear wink to the external landscape, which was recognized even by the Modern Art Museum of New York, by including it in some of its expositions.

Francisco Mangado | Pey Berland Plaza in Burdeos 

Francisco Mangado | Plaza Pey Berland en Burdeos

For Colección Interiorismo, one of the best works of urban landscaping, due that Mangado achieves in this the enhancement of the intrinsically and almost mythical beauty of the Saint-André Cathedral and the Pey Berland Tower; something not so easy considering its magnificence; so his subtle but marvelous illumination work and the urban elements incorporation, don’t get opaque, but highlighted among themselves; something achieved by only a few, due that it requires a type of expertise, which Mangado has more than plenty: the one of the true sense of functionality, equilibrium between times and styles, and of course, beauty.

Francisco Mangado

There is very little left to say, that any of these 4 works have not exclaimed yet; the work of Francisco Mangado solidifies itself in a base of simplicity, logic, and respect for its environment, but always giving winks and surprises to different and almost magic esthetical and functional realities; a perfect equilibrium between simplicity and surprise, purity of lines and geometries full of richness, and of course, beauty and matter.

In Colección Interiorismo we hope that these 4 samples have left you wanting to discover more of Mangado’s work; definitely a journey that is worth traveling.

Time is the most important material in architecture,

the search of beauty is an ethical dimension.

 Francisco Mangado