Manutti Furniture Anatomy

Manutti, the studio of Belgian designers and manufacturers, that is a world reference in exterior furniture, defines its DNA as the incomparable passion to bring to our homes the relaxation and comfort of a unique holistic experience, the same that seeks with its significance, the concretization of a wonderful union, by adding couches, sofas, tables and accessories in an essential system that goes from the first sketch to the final product that we will enjoy in our gardens and terraces.

For Colección Interiorismo, Manutti is a synonym of quality, captured in a design devotion that allows us to live a unique experience of free time, eliminating the mistaken idea that this type of furniture has not so much soul as the interior ones; with Manutti the creative possibilities are limitless, giving them form through incredible combinations of patterns, forms, materials, and designs that do not only resolve necessities, but that also accomplish our desires.

So, after this introduction, in Colección Interiorismo we want to present you 3 examples of Manutti’s versatility and spirit, we are sure that you will get totally obsessed with one of it:

Manutti | Swing 

Manutti | Swing

The perfect combination between vanguard and retro-style, due that each piece and accessory show a delicious combination between audacity and classicism, shown with the combination of greys and neutral shades, perfect to play with any external landscape, whether in a terrace with an urban view or a garden full of greens.

Its forms are centered on an elegant rounding that brings us to an immediate sensation of comfort and security, for example, the curved structure of its chaise longue, or even the comfort of its medium footstool, and of course, the Coffee Table, where we are sure that many teas and coffees will be posed.

Beyond these, we must not forget another of its star elements, the braided resin, which besides having a unique esthetic, has an unparalleled quality and resistance to the sun and rain, giving the perfect equilibrium between beauty and functionality.  And if to these, we add the comfort of its “ready to sit” cushions, and even the mobility factor of the integrated wheels in each piece, we obtain as a result, a total system of the best outdoor dream.

Manutti | Zendo

Manutti | Zendo

Another one of Colección Interiorismo favorites, whose versatility is unparalleled; in this design, we can truly see Manutti’s holistic focus in all its glory, due that this collection is composed by various sofas of all sizes and shapes, perfect for a personalized and flexible accommodation, according to the size, necessities, and desires of our space.

And beyond this, and whatever configuration we choose, Zendo is a true reflection of meditation and relaxation, from its unique color composition to the subtle embroideries of each one, as if our senses wouldn´t want to be disturbed by the slightest touch; and reinforcing this idea inclusively by the invisible fixation pins, due that anything can really corrupt the design, not even the structural elements.

Finally, and as a last extraordinary wink, Zendo is made of “Nautic Fabric” or “Nautic Leather”, 100% olefin fabrics, that were developed for a specific use in exteriors, due that its massive coloring allows an unparalleled resistance to ultraviolet light, and of course, to water. Again, anther look to the open mentality and intutitive identity of Manutti.

Manutti | Elements

Manutti | Elements

And to close with a golden snap, nothing less than the 2014 Red Dot Award: Elements designed by Gerd Couckhuyt, who achieved to create an exterior ultra-modular island, which does not only offer the beauty of its configuration, but also, a second mobility concept with adjustable backs and sliding accessories through a delicate rabbet; the footrests and the auxiliary tables stop being individual elements to transform themselves into extensible parts of the design.

For Colección Interiorismo, seeing this provokes us a neat, simple, and elegant sensation, the same that is translated into a feeling of possessing comfort, showing itself in different faces from the vertical and inclined seats, to complete tables of any size, adding the texture of ultra-voluminous cushions fixated in the neatest way, through magnetic stripes.

As a final touch, the details that crown a winner: durable and soft materials as Quaryl®, and a thin stripe of leds in its base, which besides illuminating, acts as the esthetic component by excellence of Elements; the sensation of floating in a space where we only matter.

Manutti Furniture

Manutti | Elements

Manutti is for Colección Interiorismo, a true conceptualizer and maker of an exquisite and committed design, recognized in at least 50 countries, that started in the garage of Stephane De Winter’s father (its executive director) who infected by a family dedicated to line, and submerged in the love of fabrics and the beauty of touch, started in this reduced space, a project that has grown through the commitment with beauty.

There is no doubt that after this little glance to Manutti’s work, we are committed to follow their work, and with this, to dress our exteriors with the best Belgian design.

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