The icon par excellence of French Modernism, authentic avant-garde character of the XX century, and of course mythical figure of Art Déco in interiors and furniture: Jacques Adnet, a visionary and innovator in the usage and election of forms and materials that marked an age through a new esthetic based on a traditional classicism, which was redirected to the emphasis on materials and a simple and functional esthetic.

“How many work to achieve simplicity”, an Adnet’s phrase admired by Colección Interiorismo, due that it expresses with total conviction the idea of a sober esthetic, which is enriched through the quality and beauty of its own building materials, such as, precious woods, metals, and leather, that were adored by Jacques. So, with this, let’s continue knowing the life and work of this incredible character.

Jacques Adnet and the Art Déco Furniture Movement


Jacques Adnet is a name inherently united to Art Déco, due that its pieces perfectly fulfills with the premises of this intense artistic movement of the last century, an amalgam between the cubism and futurism devotion for geometrization, besides a direct influence of millenarian esthetics as the Egyptian: hard lines and solidity, that bring with them the sensations of monumentality and strength.

Adnet´s design accomplishes with each one of these characteristics, to influence itself with fractioned, pure, and crystalline forms, adding a love for nature on his favorite materials, which as we said, were precious and inlaid woods, steel, and of course, leathers; creating objects that do not only talk of Adnet’s creativity and innovation, but also about the vision of an entire age that looked towards modernity and a new way of seeing the world and appreciating it.

Jacques Adnet Design


Jacques Adnet’s design evolved almost in a natural way in the Art Déco movement, strongly retaking his traditional education and formation, and making it grew with new elements that underlined the natural, pure, and simple magnificence of certain materials, being various of his works, the pioneers in integrating metals and glass into furniture´s structure and decoration.

With this, Adnet achieved a completely new and different style of embellishment, through elements as mirrors, leathers, parchments, and smoked glass in lineal styles that left behind the usual decorative methods or the luxurious materials as ivory and mother-of-pearl inlays, substituting them with elements characterized by a different “sumptuosity” as the one found in bronze or exotic woods as peroba and bubenga.

And what a better way to enjoy all this esthetic than by knowing some of the most important pieces of Jacques, where a new vision transpires in each object.

Lampe de Table


The sample per excellence, of Adnet’s recognized and coveted work in lighting; this lamp is an iconic mix of simplicity and good taste, by combining a ceramic base with a neutral screen, highlighting the beauty of the material through an elegant ascetism that compliments any space or furniture; these same elements are the ones that we will find in other famous Jacque’s lamps with pure geometric forms and the usage of woods, ceramics, brass, and leather.

Circulaire Mirror

Adnet Circulaire Mirror

An iconic mirror, not only in design and interiorism, but also in the fashion and trend world, due that it has been produced by Hermès and Gubi, as an object that denote the subtleness and simplicity of true elegance; its circular form is embraced by a leather belt that serves as a pendant, and at the same time, as a unique and sufficient decoration of a desire piece.

Marble Chrome and Mirror Desk

A desk that breaks with the stablished canons of the unique use of wood for these type of furniture; here we can see a reflecting surface made of mirrors, and sustained by chrome frames and marble legs, and ode to the materials essentiality, purity, and monumentality, whose strength and beauty do not require more than a symmetric mounting, and of course, Adnet´s master vision, to be the focal point in any space.

Art Déco Side Table


A marvelous esthetic, and one of the favorite pieces of Colección Interiorismo, due that we can see one the most interesting geometrization by finding intersected volumes whose contrapositions results into an original and creative piece along with the beauty of dark wood, his work in positioning the streaks, and of course, in the perfect finishes that give sobriety and magnificence to the piece.

Jacques Adnet

Decoration is not only matter of superposing, filling, or covering spaces, but rather of finding harmony between materials, colors, and forms that achieve an integral and esthetically beautiful system; and this is how Jacques Adnet proves us through the usage of a harmonic geometrization and by giving the necessary importance to the natural beauty of materials, that a sober and elegant design can be the dreamed space for any lover of functionality and design.

Without a doubt, we will continue finding Jacque’s pieces in the best galleries and collections, showing them as objects of desire for art passionates that find in them true contemplative pieces, and cult objects of the Art Déco esthetic, that broke time barriers.

Trends disappear,

but style is timeless.

Yves Saint Laurent.