Javier Mariscal

Javier Mariscal can only be defined as a multidisciplinary genius, his work is a constant of admiration not only for Colección Interiorismo, but also for the art and design world in general, because far from reducing itself into a diffuse work, his pieces (no mattering in what gender they exist) are defined as unique, desirable, and even, magic.

The Spanish Javier Mariscal started his carrier in the animated stories world, but that was only the beginning of an unstoppable talented carrier, passing through architecture, illustration, sculpture, graphic design, and of course, interiorism. Further, in this same article, Colección Interiorismo will submerge you in several of these works, but before it, let’s know a little bit more about him and his studio: Mariscal.

Multidisciplinary Design

Javier Mariscal | diariodesign| Alberto Sáiz

“First surprise, then fascinate. Finally, convince”, what better summary for the building of a studio that defines itself as an explorer for any design category, creating an own and unmistakable language, which transmits the brand’s essence: the communication of emotions through passion, boldness, and creativity, tangible in each one of their works.

Surprisingly, and although their work and philosophy make us feel beyond a young spirit, nothing less than 30 years of pure experience supports them; its specialists in each subject are not remote or almost mythical characters, they are close people whose talent materialize any type of incredible experiences: images that dazzle, products that are enjoyed, places that breathe to the compass of its inhabitants, friendly creatures, and inclusively, digital spaces in where everything is possible.

Javier Mariscal | Pere Virgili Diari Ara

Two words that for Colección Interiorismo define Mariscal: liberty and creativity, everything living along a marvelous present, and as they say, creating a future full of imagination and sensibility.

The Multidisciplinary Works

And since there is no better proof to comprehend an ideology, than living it, in Colección Interiorismo we bring for you 5 Mariscal’s works, that will not leave you any doubt of their versatility and brightness:

Unforgettable Logos

Javier Mariscal | Barcelona in Design

Mariscal, in its paper as graphic designer, is not only an image producer that sells a product, it is a true creator of visual identities that fuse in the collective memory, and not only because of its chromatic mixtures or forms, but also for its fineness to hit in the exact point of the represented ideology. That is the case of the creation of a visual identity for an enterprise that paradoxically was dedicated to a hearing service: the Spanish radio “Onda Cero”; what a better example than this, a creation of a visual image for a public that only heard.

Unique Architecture

Gran Hotel Domine Bilbao

With its unique and undeniable talent, Mariscal created the Domine Bilbao Grand Hotel, which creativity is based in highlighting the focal points of the design art. In Colección Interiorismo we used the word “create”, because literally, Mariscal was not only in charge of the building, but also of creating an identity and personality for the Hotel, they constructed its graphic image, web site, and even the staff uniforms; a really integral and multifaceted work, that reflects their passion for all the design arts and its projection towards the people.

Ageless Furniture

Sillón Alexandra | IDEP Historia del disseny

Two pieces that talk to us about the timelessness and transcendence of their work regarding to the furniture design: the Duplex Stool, an icon of the colorful and moody 80’s age, and of course the Alexandra sofa, part of the collection “Loving Furniture”, which has been worldwide recognized. Again, pieces that frame their geniality, and of course their unique vision of the world.

Iconic Works

Javier Mariscal | Cobi

Mariscal has created works that have left their mark, each and everyone united by art, the meticulous and unique creative process of its creator and his studio, and of course, by being owners of a unique personality that doesn’t allow memory impairments. Let’s name, for example, Cobi the pet of the Barcelona Olympic Games of 1992, controversial for its breaking image, but recognized in time, as the most profitable in history; or the audiovisual spectacle “Colors”, starred by one of Mariscal’s creatures: Dimitri the robot, who is used in design conferences around the world.

Interior  Design 

Javier Mariscal | Colección Bathco

In this discipline we can mention incredible interiorism projects as the Puerta America Hotel, where a lot of big names in design and architecture participated, the Ikea restaurant of Vitoria, or the Magis children’s collection Me Too.

But if you want to feel these incredible creators even closer, in Colección Interiorismo we recommend you, principally 2 marvelous projects: the cutlery of El País, and of course the Bathco collection, special for all the ones that believe in a different design alternative, far from white or completely neutral furniture and bath accessories.

Javier Mariscal | Colección Bathco

For example, in the line “Autumn” of 2016, you will find a direct and non-speculative inspiration on this season, the beauty of its shades and landscapes, and even its different texture. And if that was not enough, each piece is unique, not only in its conception, but also in its elaboration, due that they are made following the artisanal tradition of ceramics, creating pieces full of deepness and personality.

Design in Any Context 

To discover Javier Mariscal and his studio in each one of their facets, is to get amazed not only by their talent, but also for the devotion that they show towards design, one in which it is not enough one road; the force of their creativity and work achieves to shoot down the creativity limits, and above all, of arriving at any design point. Colección Interiorismo identifies itself with this ideology and admires their great strength; we promise not to stop being astonished with their next works.

There is not an end. There is not a beginning.

The only thing that exists is passion for life.

Federico Fellini