Kitchen Trends 2017

The kitchen, that space that evokes home, warmth and harmony, the place that takes us back to the unmatched pleasure of the food, and in many other occasions, to memories of family, friendship, and why not, of personal tastes and intimacy.

And is because of all that, that Colección Interiorismo wants to present to you the kitchen trends of 2017 for this multifaceted space; transform your kitchen in a place full of personality but also surprise your guests making them dream with elegance, purity and warmth.

Color Trends for Kitchens 2017

Kitchen Trends 2017 I Decandyou


The color that transmutes to elegance, that takes us to the journey of simplicity, of the pure and impeccable. Achieving this neat and luminous design through walls and details in white, is the key that will make look this space a lot bigger and more lightened.


The place where the creativity flourishes in each dish can be covered with a darkness that inputs elegance and impeccability. Dare yourself to give up to the whim with floors, walls, cooking islands and home appliances in this color, and if for you is difficult to compromise entirely with it, use it to accentuate and transform the simple to something polyphorically beautiful.


Color of balance and encounter, in Colección Interiorismo we recommend you to use it in combination with black and white, equilibrating the familiar space into a place ready for reunions.

Furniture and Illumination in Kitchen Trends 2017

Kitchen Trends 2017 I DecoModerna

Transform your kitchen in an exclusive space where your soul conjugates with technology, incorporate neutral elements with the usage of classical materials as wood and steel, and contrast it with custom made furniture.

Use the combination in dark or grey tones, and mix it with wood that almost seems freshly cut, we also recommend you to select metallic chaps in artisanal wooden furniture; illuminate and create an ascetic and virtuous environment that evoke spirituality and the joy for food.


Shelves and storage furniture in metal, wood and even glass, which grant an avant-garde vision that talks about quality, efficiency and luminosity; integrate it inclusively in your walls and follow the elegant and pure line that we have transmitted to you.


The illumination used as a natural reflector for beauty; subtlety incorporate it in your cabinets and furniture, and select a central piece that highlights itself as the attention center between the neat spectacle of lines and materials.

Home Appliances

Choose home appliances in stainless steel, but this time in dark and grey colors, inclusively you can use black. Renew the classics with this improved vision of the accustomed white, and perfectly combine it with the trendy color gamma that you already know.

Materials and Coatings

Integrate enduring materials with elements that incorporate the harmony and warmth of your culinary spirit, be classic but don´t forget the options that contribute with resistance, durability and sophistication; for example, combine steel with wood, use tempered glass or consider using concrete.


Use the infallible combination of concrete and wood, Colección Interiorismo specifically recommends you the white oak to create a perfect canvas where you will start giving life to your enclosure.

Wood and Steel

Use the combination of wood and steel to generate spaces charged with a modern esthetic but at the same time with the classical sophistication of woods like oak. Obtain the best of the two worlds and fusion the soul of the wood with the incredible physical of steel.

Xavie’z in Kitchen Trends 2017

Kitchen Xavie’z I Travaux

Without having to look more, you can find all the things that we have seen in the Xavie’z Kitchens that Colección Interiorismo has for you; their philosophy of creating a real difference and of awakening each one of our senses, can´t be more aligned with our own creative ideology.

Fall in love with their Ateliers, their passion for detail, and beyond all, of their bold sense of experience; touch and sight at the service of sophistication and love for design. Dreamy spaces that unite two prestigious names: Xavie’z and Colección Interiorismo.

We have nothing more to say than encourage you to implement these trendy ideas for your kitchen and achieve a design that represents you, but that at the same time transmits the universal values of purity, passion and intelligence in design.

Kitchen is like love, you have to release yourself

with abandon or not doing it.

Harriet Van Horne