Lamp Trends and Lightning Tips

The light plays a vital role in the decoration of any of our spaces in home; it can transports us into an ethereal calm, a warm coziness and even an acetic cold, shooting our emotions and sensations in each room.

This is why today, and taking the illumination as a wellness premise for our homes, Colección Interiorismo brings for you the principal lamp trends, as well as our best lightning tips for 2017, focusing in a very avant garde concept: the called sensitive or emotional lightning.

Sensitive Lightning

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The objective of the sensitive or emotional lightning is “the search of wellness for the human being linked to the hedonist joy of the object”, that is to say, the elaboration for the enjoyment through lamps that shout personality and that are made, since its conception, to materialize a specific emotion, endowing them with feelings that cause, for example, an evocative and romantic penumbra or a brightness that flows and invites us to work and get active.

The best advice that Colección Interiorismo has for you, so you can achieve this trend, is to endow the luminaire not only with an esthetic desire, but also with a true soul that stimulates our space, carefully graduating its localization, brightness, and type of light, and having at the same time not only an exceptional decoration piece, but also an alive element that transmits and evokes.

A Light for Each Space

For Colección Interiorismo, one of the principal tips that we give you, is to have a specific selection of lightning and type of lamps for each space, because each one will have special needs that have to be fulfilled.

For example, in the living and dining room use a spectacular central piece that focuses the looks, and manage a warm cozy light that invites to talks and dinners full of harmony. In another instance, use standing lamps that will provide you different altitudes and adjustable intensities of light, perfect for changes of activities between dynamic reunions and pleasant breaks.

Passing to the kitchen, we have to use uniform lights, constant and bright, because here the detail will give us comfort and security; as well as in the bathroom, in which we suggest to avoid shadows and to place luminaries in strategic points as complete and face mirrors.

In bedrooms and studios, use a illumination that allows its own graduation, as well as the targeting of various points in different moments, for example in table lamps or desks flexos that allow moments of introspection and catchment, and also of labor and activity. Finally, in spaces as hallways and receivers, choose built-in lamps that earn space and of course that help you to highlight your art objects like frames and mirrors.

Materials in Trend for Lamps

Colección Interiorismo will opt in this 2017 for the usage of materials and noble metals as brass, copper and marble, because its transformable and combinable aptitudes bring optical details that will highlight your style. Remember that the metals can be used not only as built-in objects but also as pendants and standing lamps.

On the other side, we also invite you to look towards the artisanal materials that evoke personality, following the emotional trend in terms of quality and unique finishes.

Styles of Lamps for 2017

In this section, and to complement everything that you already know about lightning, Colección Interiorismo brings for you the styles of lamps for this 2017 that will help you to achieve the fusion between lightning and your best style:

Sensitive or Emotional Lamps: Achieve it through a meticulous selection of your luminaries, treating them as alive art, choose artisanal designs and materials that shout originality and expose emotions, and turn them in focal pieces principally through pendants.

Don´t forget that another of the focal points in sensitive lightning is the graduation, intensity and localization of the light, so that in that way, the emotional sensation can be determined in our space.

Metallic Lamps: Principally in copper, and in hanging, table, or standing designs, especially for atmospheres with a Nordic or Industrial atmosphere, bringing functionality but also a protagonist touch of sobriety; it´s difficult to make a mistake with this type of luminaries. Another variant that Colección Interiorismo suggests you in this trend is the geometrical lamps that combine metal structures with light bulbs, pure Art Déco for your home.

Hanging Bulbs: Also principal characters in Scandinavian and Industrial styles, use this trend to achieve a simple and minimalist style, but that at the same time captures the senses in all the details; incredible for its simplicity but at the same time very stylish by getting the chance to choose between different light and structure designs; perfect for a warm living room illumination.

Steampunk Lamps: Combine the Victorian age with ours, and achieve a new proposal; this type of lamps use pipeline or aged structures with modern luminaries, producing an spectacular and suggesting effect, worthy of an inspiring space in any room. Colección Interiorismo recommends you this type of lamps principally for study or play rooms.

And now that you know a lot more about how to illuminate your home, Colección Interiorismo says goodbye remembering you that the emotion placed in any object will give life to it, and that the transmitted soul will generate an echo for your home; make every space to sound with light and reflect your style.

Oh, how big is the world at the light of the lamps!

And how small it is at the eyes of memory!

Charles Baudelaire