Melissa White from paper to fabric

An age in which the walls of homes and enclosures were coated by hand painted papers and fabrics that because of its beauty and composition resembled more to murals than simple canvases: the famous and magnificent Elizabethan wall paintings which are considered until this date, as true art works worthy of any museum.

And on another side, an artist whose work has focused on recreating the beauty of the past, investigating and rescuing tradition, and beyond that, reproducing with exactitude the exquisite art of the antique English palaces of Isabel I reign; meet Melissa White and her art that travels through time next to Colección Interiorismo.

Melissa White from paper to fabric

Melissa White Hand Painted Interiors

The English blood that flows through her veins makes her feel passionate about the history and monarchy of her country; a relationship that is almost inbreeded and inherent to these people, who see in their past the beauty of tradition and European art; and precisely Melissa´s work has recreated a type of art recognized in the entire world, through hand painted fabrics and papers, which beauty even confuse the expert eyes by comparing it with the mythical Elizabethan wall paintings.

The work of Melissa White, is centered in 3 essential approaches: the historical attachment, the importance and dedication of the artisanal work, and the pictoric talent to shape beauty patterns in fabrics and paper works, allowing us to have in our homes some of the pieces that decorated the walls of palaces and stately homes; a delicious look toward an age worried of being surrounded by beauty, esthetic, and pure art.

The works of Melissa White

Melissa White Hand Painted Interiors

And to know more of this incredible artist and her spectacular art, meet next to Colección Interiorismo the 3 principal portfolios of her life, which we are sure that will leave you rapted and wishing to have the possibility of admiring these details in your own house.

Fresco Secco

Melissa White Hand Painted Interiors

A technique developed by Melissa to masterfully imitate the esthetic of the natural aging of shaped in plaster walls murals; everything through a methodical process in which she uses natural pigments and bee wax for the finishings; a true historical recreation, due that not only the creation but also the designs, are based on a real and detailed investigation of the Elizabethan art. Possessing one of these paintings, means having an ode to the English history of beauty; a true travel in time through the walls of an enclosure.

Painted Textiles

Melissa White Hand Painted Interiors

Another version of the Elizabethan interiorism through hand painted fabrics, which can be used as papers for walls, curtains, cushions, and even, painted cloths for furniture; any version chosen, will be an object that will be transformed through a meticulous process of artisanal painting.

We find the designs in silk, linen, velvet, and other fabrics that contribute with an incredible combination of softness and design, beyond that the shaped paintings are originally Elizabethan, and can even be found in specialized studios. However, its beauty is not eccentric, but classical and timeless, giving a clear wink towards a sophisticated and elegant esthetic without time.

Painted Interiors

Melissa White Hand Painted Interiors

Finally, the one that for Colección Interiorismo is the most spectacular option of Melissa: hand painted walls and furniture that make us enter into transformed rooms from the essence by the souls of the designs.

All previous through 3 ways: walls with Elizabethan designs that can be personalized through colors, shades, and dreamy forms; folding screens which instead of hiding, magnify the essential points in the rooms through beauty and coloring; and finally, painted fabrics that are used as wall papers, or even, as an exquisite section of a wall.

Whatever it is, elements of the most superb and spectacular interiorism.

Melissa White for Zoffany

Melissa White Hand Painted Interiors

And if we still doubted about Melissa’s purpose of approaching people not only to the visualization of the Elizabethan art, but also to the possession and embracement of it; fades with her creation along with David Cuttmore (a mural expert of the age) of the Arden Collection for Zoffany, same that despite of the impression techniques that were used, doesn’t leave aside the artisanal work, achieving fabrics and papers of unmatched beauty that have been catapulted as central pieces in many of the best interiorist works.

And precisely this, is what for Colección Interiorismo, positions Melissa White as a polyvalent character in the world of art, investigation, and design, due that her work is sustained by the real admiration for the esthetic of an age, added to the innate talent of a painter who designs for the people; definitely, pieces to consider in our next interior design projects.

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