Miguel Milá

Colección Interiorismo brings for you one of our most admired designers in the world: Miguel Mila, Catalan master in interior design, and an emblematic figure of one of the most creative activities by excellence: bricoleur.

Miguel Milá represents the idea of a good design: to resolve problems, bringing reliability and comfort, without forgetting the beauty in simplicity and the idea that the object works for the human being and the satisfaction of our necessities.

Miguel Milá – Life and work of the Designer and Bricoleur

Miguel Milá – El País

Born in a family where passion for art was breathed (Mila House was ordered by his uncle Pedro to the iconic Antonio Gaudi), Miguel Milá started his career as an interiorist, for later in the 50’s starting with the furniture and lamps design, many of it iconic pieces until our times, such as the famous TMC and TMM lamps, classified as true timeless classics.

Miguel Milá self-define him as a pre-industrial designer, comfortable in the beauty and spontaneity of the artisanal, and remoted to technical procedures; Milá wished for experimentation, he always longed for the noble materials that never get old, and got apparted of the methodical and systematical control, guiding himself through emotion, and exciting all of us.

Milá said sometime: “I born in an age where rigor and honesty were valued”, phrase that indicates how in his work he reduced his design in the synthesis of the already resumed; with few elements not based on cost, he created an infinite number of objects as chairs, benches, lamps, umbrella’s stands that are also ashtrays, and a lot of objects that can pass as an actual creation, everything due to its congruence and sincerity towards functionality and its relationship with the human part.

Miguel Milá: Timeless Pieces 

As a sample of the marvelous work of this artist always hungry of tools and materials, and whose works talks us about the sensibility of the artisan and the originality of the inventor, Colección Interiorismo brings for you three of his most iconic pieces:

Miguel Milá – The Basket

If we didn’t know about the origin of this lamp created in 1962, we would believe that it is an element of actual design, and precisely because of this, it is one of the pieces that can talk more to us about Mila’s timelessness, that characteristic in where elegance doesn’t leave any space to superficiality, and in which its function always gets underlined by an almost graceful image, an esthetical basket which carries a light egg, and 2 clear functions: conceiving and transporting light.

Miguel Milá – TMM Lamp

Lamp TMC- Leopoldo Pomes

Probably the most famous of his pieces, and for Colección Interiorismo, it’s not for less, since it is a marvelous demonstration of Mila’s design serenity, and at the same time, of its impeccable but functional esthetic; the lamp consists in 3 essential and visible parts: structure, electric components and screen, everything joined by an assemble, thought for the user due to its construction and maintenance nobility; a lifelong lamp with a lesson of simplicity and good taste.

Miguel Milá: Classic Neoromantic

TMC Carles Carabi

This bench has been named as a “global best-seller of contemporary urbanism”, and it is not for less, with its incredible ergonomy and its simple elegance, the bench combines the traditional part of wood and the support of aluminum, everything joined in two sections: one curved and one straight, which make this object an element of comfort and solidity.

Miguel Milá

Colección Interiorismo will always relate this marvelous character with inspiration; inclusively in his interviews, he always was seen like in a boiling point, building or figuring how to upgrade the daily; his success is based on this: what he designs it is created starting with his own necessity, without the constant search for innovation, but finding a function that trespasses the frontiers of time and realities.

For Milá, design is ordering the elements that make up a whole, and in this order and functionality, finding the beauty, in few words and paraphrasing him, the objective of his products is to attend the accomplishment of its function by exciting with its esthetic; beauty in service.

A good lamp is the one who lights but doesn’t hazzle,

and which turned off astonishes.

Miguel Milá