The MoMA in NY

Modern Art centers more in a style, and not in a chronology, a form that bets for experimentation; art stops imitating, to create, abstract, modify and present even something taken out from dreams.

Modern Art deforms the objects, or inclusively can present “unrealities”, and everything in a conscious way; for Colección Interiorismo this can implicate a touch of poetry, leaving aside the reason and reality as an essential font of art.


The Museum of Modern Art ubicated in the Midtown of Manhattan in New York, shelters not only the pictorial art, but all the divergences that the esthetic has adopted through the years, this means the transcendence of styles, esthetics, ideologies and trends that we can feel in architecture, design, cinematography, and literature.

For Colección Interiorismo, the MoMA faithfully represents its art, because it is characterized by being an institution secluded from the rigid structure of an art museum, reflecting the vitality of the age, not only in exhibitions, but in educational programs and interactive pieces of any type.

The MoMA pretends to trespass frontiers, and not only of nationalities, but of the art expression in photography, videos, films, design and architecture, creating a place where the arguments combine and give form to our present..

MoMA – Highlights

Colección Interiorismo makes a selection of the “must” pieces in your next visit to the NY MoMA:


The colors of Van Gogh exploiting before our eyes with his Starry Night or his Olive Trees, the sensibility reflected in the lack of solidity of the Cezanne Bather, the surrealist magic of the Two Children Threatened by a Nightingale of Ernst or the Persistence of Memory of Dali, the delicacy of  Monet brushstrokes in his Water Lilies, the geometrized irony of Picasso in the Avignon Misses, and of course the representation of modern society in the Campbells Soup Cans of Andy Warhol;  a dream for all of us who love art.

Architecture and Design

Taking a walk between the archive of the architectonical genius Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, creator of the iconic “Less is more” and “God is in the details”, simplicity and clarity that show the spirit of modern age; admiring the detail in the architectonical models and the gullibility of a simple trace of Frank Lloyd Wright, Paul László or Isamu Noguchi; or the simple idea of passing between the most iconic objects of our time, taking us back to the feelings of a person who for the first time used a Macintosh SE, or imagining ourselves sat on an iconic Eames Lounge Chair; the living of an  age through an edification.


Comprehending a Picasso in its “no necessity” of coherence before the world, shaped in his collection of sculpture collection of pieces which talks about innovation; participating in the age questioning with the Bicycle of Marcel Duchamp, or reviving the sense in the composition and unity of the Louise Nevelson’s Sky Cathedral pieces which wait for you conjuring themselves to talk about the doubts, metaphors, and ironies of the age; perfect portraits of an age.

The MoMA in NY

For Colección Interiorismo the MoMA is not only a Museum, it is an icon of what makes us human, of everything we are capable to create, and above all, of our constant beauty, sense and transcendence, creating through the abstract and the objective, and shaping by this an universal art.

The true painter is the one who is capable of painting extraordinary

scenes in the middle of an empty dessert. The true painter is the one who

is capable of patiently paint a pear surrounded by the riots of history.

Salvador Dali