Since the beginnings of humanity, nature has been an endless font and root for the human spirit; in its greatness we have put our beliefs, desires, and prayers, and inclusively, the necessary inspiration to create beauty. At the end, our comparative point to describe splendor and greatness, is directly or indirectly related to forms, illuminations, and natural textures.

We have been surprised by nature, and inclusively, intimidated by such mysteries, acting with an extreme control and prevalence eagerness over her, mistaking our way in the treatment that we provide to her.

This is why, actually, we are in an age of consciousness and balance search, arising a new movement of art, design and architecture, which precisely searches this reconnection with nature, as well as a healthy and harmonic interaction with her, it is known as “Natural or Sustainable Architecture”.

Natural or Sustainable Architecture

Alberto Campo Baeza

The achievement of a harmonic connection between humanity and nature through architecture, is the central argument of this movement, principally based in the correct usage of resources, always respecting the equilibrium, and trying to invalidate any damage to the natural environment.

At the same time, naming it “sustainable architecture”, directs us towards designing in a sustainable way, this is achieved by minimizing any environmental impact on the ecosystem or the population itself, concerning on the used materials and its ecological costs, reducing the energetic consumption (that is to say, the footprint that the edification will leave on the world), and of course, generating a new social consciousness, due that the sustainable architecture talks about a new way of acting and living in the world, leaving apart the actual selfishness, and gifting a different future for the ones that will follow us.

This is why, Colección Interiorismo collects for you a series of architectural projects that have as its principal objective the preservation of the environment inhabited by us:

Cabin in Nature by Playa Architects

Playa Architects

Located in Finland, near to a forest and a lake, and besides a natural beach, the local Studio Playa Architects had created this home for a family who wants to be in permanent contact and harmony with nature, due that the natural elements that surround it, seem even to protect and accept its existence.

Playa Architects

On the outside, a black color which is not aleatory, due that it was justly thought to blur the building into the shadows of the trees, leaving it separated only by a garden and a covered terrace, which are instantly developed into contemplative and peaceful spaces.

On the inside, birch, pine and alder wood, contrasting with enormous windows, seem to blur with nature in its purest state. Inclusively in the inside, it shows itself as spacious, open and continuous, only divided by a polished concrete island which serves as a home for the chimney and the stove; simply a beautiful elementality which resembles to the nature surrounding.

House Open to Nature by Stanton Williams 

Stanton Williams

The House Open to Nature constitutes a perfect sample of two essential points in Natural Architecture, due that Stanton Williams proved an ideal study of the constructive systems and local materials, achieving a perfect conditioning between 2 spaces.

Stanton Williams

The external area, a natural landscape in the London suburbs, full of green, and trees that shout life, and inclusively, a few buildings of the 50’s that seem to be part of the incredible view; on the inside, a home that seems to answer to the nature of the place, disheading itself with transparent faces which blur the property limits, and high internal spaces that flatter the spectacular view, highlighted by wood and grey colors.

All the previous, joining to create that sensation of openness and freedom that is provided by the organic state of the things; skylights, huge windows and balconies presented with layers of African wood, that bring that feeling of warmness and illumination, but at the same time, a distance of the artificial, and a return to a less technological world, where the forms have returned to its essence.

Infinite House by Alberto Campo Baeza 

Alberto Campo Baeza

Ubicated on Cadiz, The Infinite House by Baeza, is the perfect expression of the inherent natural beauty of construction materials; just at the seashore, as an infinite observation plane of one of the most portentous natural forces.

Colección Interiorismo can define its style in 3 phrases: purity in its lines, reflection of a house that seems a dock, and spirit for reflexion.

Its essential material, the Roman travertine, not only serves as an ode to the roman maritime spirit, but also, as a solid extension of the sand, which even travels in the interior of the construction. Its materials, which don’t change, combined with wide and clear spaces, as well as huge windows, talk about simple, acetic and pure beauty.

Natural Architecture

These works deliver us to a new face of architecture, getting apparted from the splendor of skyscrapers or big buildings, and approaching us towards the most obvious, but also the most forgotten beauty, the one of the world surrounding.

Choose only one master; the nature.