Olga Copado and the Structural Discipline

Tridimensional pieces that directly speak of life through organic forms that refer us to nature and its movements, and not only of our environment, but also of an inner world of thoughts, sensations, and feelings: love, hate, sadness, union… each step up down of the human walking take form through the art of an incredible Spanish artist, admired by Colección Interiorismo: Olga Copado and her Structural Discipline.

The Structural Discipline

Olga Copado

To comprehend the art of Olga Copado, we must approach her history from its roots, due that the manage of steel and wood seem to surround her since her birth, being part of a family dedicated to the steel industry and learning to love the material, not only as another element, but as a creative and transformative substance.

And precisely this passion, is what can explain why her works can be found in some of the buildings and homes with the most admired interiorisms, because even though of playing with abstraction, they achieve to transmit concrete and impeccable ideas through curves, folds, and lines desirables to touch, describing it by herself as “captivating angles which achieve to tune with the spectator”.

Olga y Raquel Copado

And that eagerness to transmit and unite the desires of who are watching them, can be seen inclusively, in her creative process, by describing the start of foundation as the beginning of life where everything was liquid, giving form to a metal that transforms into a malleable substance allowing its formation in the forge, and later incorporating wooden elements that bring the contrast between nature and the humanity of steel; in her own words, “steel has the potential and emanates greatness, wood is united with nature”.

More of Olga Copado’s Work

For Colección Interiorismo, one of the things that astonishes the most from Olga’s work, is the lightness effect that the combination of steel, wood, and empty volumes achieves, due that initially by hearing about her creative matter, it instinctively brings to our head a thought of solidity and firmness; so by discovering pieces with sinuous paths full of harmony, stillness, and equilibrium, we fill ourselves with a feeling of beauty and quietude.

And as an example, let’s see some of the most representative Olga’s collections:

Nothing is Perfect

This collection of sculptures makes us wonder and reflex about the sense of different elements and concrete feelings in life, with so many explanations and definitions as minds and hearts exist in the world. In some pieces as “She”, “The Kiss”, or “On the tightrope”, we can guess immediate meanings through convex or separated forms that talk about love or fear; while in others, Copado left them for us as game companions of our imagination and subconscious, adopting the one that whispers to us in the ear, almost as if we were choosing a permanent tattoo for our home.

A Sea of Doubts

What form do doubt and uncertainty have, if it is not the one of the life itself? Tortuous or bright expectation roads, all depending on the glass you look at it, and “A Sea of Doubts”, transmits to us through different pieces, melancholia or a labyrinthine walking, but also, the desire and incredible hope for life: an ode to the road travelled and the uncertain future that surrounds us.

The Life

For Colección Interiorismo, its forms are so diverse and different as the lives of each one of us, some large and transited, others short and intense, and some more with up downs and surprising reliefs; choosing one, can mean selecting a reflection of ourselves.


In this collection, Olga combines steel with copper and bronze, a tale for its title, by deciding a different duet that brings a new esthetic, which through different positions make us feel that the volumes are lifted by the weight of its own alloy. Freedom visualized in a chain of actions which by interweaving themselves shade our trajectory.

Olga Copado and the Structural Discipline

Abstract sculpture is based on perspectives, but also in the beauty of its forms and compositions, creating perfect harmonies that express feelings, states of mood, and inclusively, representations of human moments and histories; Olga Copado´s richness and her pieces talk about this: the creation of conversational pieces perfect for each person.

For Colección Interiorismo, the work of Olga Copado reveals itself as art, but also as an essential piece of an interiorism with heart and beauty.

Architecture is the order of light;

sculpture is the game of light.

Antonio Gaudí