Pierre Charpin: Designer of the Year

Maison&Objet is the event for all the worldwide designers and interiorists who are searching for trends, full of saloons where we can meet great expositions that flood us with the new symbols and materials in the objects surrounding us; and also, the scenery for the recognition and exhibition of the best design talents who are seeking to achieve the combination between the projection of the “good life” and pure style.

Designer of the Year at Maison&Objet – Pierre Charpin 

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Colección Interiorismo had the fortune to witness the award ceremony for designer of the year, surrounded by an atmosphere of inspiration and passion for the utilitarian design, where Maison&Objet chose Pierre Charpin as the 2017 product designer.

With this award, beyond being the incredible artist that Colección Interiorismo admires so much, Pierre Charpin transformed into the trend setter for worldwide design and art object.

Pierre Charpin takes over the Maison&Objet definition, transforming his work into objects full of inspiration in the lifestyle of the future, a soft and simple style, but at the same time highlighted of color that invites for the sight and touch exploration.

Pierre Charpin


Pierre Charpin, french designer devoted to the design of objects and furniture, let us see his particular seal that shines in each one of his creations, showing his passion for the exploration, conceptualized in pieces that contribute with the syncretism between beauty and function.

And if that was not enough, Pierre Charpin is also an outstanding scenographer, activity which has set him to materialize important expositions all over Europe, amplifying his inherited characteristics as the exploration of forms and its possibilities.

As part of his work, Pierre Charpin made collaborations with important firms like Hermès, Alessi, Saint-Louis, Design Gallery Milano, Ligne Roset, the National Manufacture of Sevres, Post Design, Tectona, Venini, and Wrong for Hay, between others.

Pierre Charpin and the Art Object


Every object of Pierre Charpin talk about a context, about a meaning according to its history and environment, they are simple and colorful, in many cases ludic, but immediately transmitting its destined activity.

For Colección Interiorismo this is precisely one of the values that we admire the most from Pierre Charpin: the expression in his objects, further from function, the function of its esthetic expression. Chairs, tables, decoration objects and kitchen appliances, everything materialized through an almost crafty nativity that leaves us standing before a true landscaper of the object.

Pierre Charpin – PC Lamp


In the 2017 Maison&Objet, Pierre Charpin presented along with Sébastien Wrong the PC Lamp, which besides its simplicity, took 3 years of work due to an essential point: a complex articulation with invisible technology.

This process is described by Pierre as “Darwinian” talking about a conceptual evolution of a low cost “clip” lamp, to the utilization of gas springs for its articulations, and the decision of having invisible technology for it; the result: a simple lamp with technological usage but with no big pretensions, focused on a clean visualization and to the progress of a work or reading environment without any blockings, simply perfect.

Pierre Charpin – Designer of the Year

“For me there is no difference between working for the industry or a gallery”, this is how Pierre Charpin refers about his own work, and for Colección Interiorismo, this is the perfect phrase to say good bye to the Maison&Objet designer of the year, it unites the two essential values of his work: poetry and minimalism at the service of function and esthetic.

An object can´t exist for itself:

it creates landscapes in which we will live.

Pierre Charpin