Our home should be treated as a sanctuary, a space in where we will deal and enjoy life, but also, a space for refugee and solace beyond the daily turbulences.

No matter its size, style, or form; in it we can find and of course create, unique relaxing spaces, that reflect not only our personality, but also, that peace, wisdom, and even temperance that most of the people are searching.

This is why today, in Colección Interiorismo, we will give you some design tips directed to achieve that peaceful oasis that we all hope to find after our daily struggles:

Design Tips for Relaxing Spaces

Tip 1: Move Away What Saturates You

So Bath | CI | Jee-o

As the initial point in the way for the perfect relaxing space, move away from it the elements that will not allow you to have that sensation, For example, if your chosen place is your own room, take away the work or leisure elements that can distract you from your feeling goal, and this doesn’t necessarily implies to count with a lot of spaces; a little organization in closets, and of course, a simple line and aspect decoration, without art or decorative over saturations, can make this work.

Tip 2: The Right Color Scheme

The usage of colors and combinations, can say everything about us, and of course, about the sensation that a room can give to the person that inhabits it. This is why Colección Interiorismo, recommends you to get more informed about the emotional influence that each color can give to our lives.

So Bath | CI | Jee-o

For relaxing spaces, beyond the obvious of using neutral pallets, as white greys and pastel colors, is important for you to know how they can affect your spirit, concentration and relaxation power, and even, the meditative and equilibrium possibility they can bring. For example, soft blue is per excellence the shade for rest and tranquility, likewise, the purples or soft lilacs, the neutral earth shades, and the light greys propitiate rest, and with it, the power of focus and free thinking.

Tip 3: Softness in Textures  

So Bath | CI | Roca

To give a relaxed and sophisticated feeling to a room, make sure to include soft materials and fabrics, these textures can be included in major impact elements as wall papers or carpets; another option is to keep the touch of tenderness in little details as pillows, mattresses, blankets, and rugs; prove that love for ourselves, starts and lives in tiny things.

Tip 4: The Most Relaxing Bathroom  

So Bath | CI | Jee-o

For this point, there are harmonic trends that will leave you the best relaxing space in the bathroom, in Colección Interiorismo, we principally recommend you 4 essential points:

  • Use the trend of counter top washbasins, creating an ethereal space that brings the perfect touch of lightness.
  • Bring warmness with wooden finishes, and don’t forget about the purity sensation, for that, choose non porous materials as acrylic and crystal; you will feel your own paradise, created especially for you.
  • There can’t be a relaxing space without order and organization, and this can be easily achieved by furniture that beyond design, can offer you practical solutions; for example, furniture with lateral openings, multifunctional furniture (in which the washbasins with drawers are perfect), as well as baskets and auxiliary tables, these, beyond giving the perfect decorative touch, will help you with its functionality.
  • The coatings will be your allies in finding the perfect details, adding and esthetic and movement interest that you could never imagine; reliefs, textures and designs, everything can be achieved with its usage.

And if with this you still don’t have enough certainty, in Colección Interiorismo we have for you the collection SoBath, a line of furniture and bath accessories that will conduct you to a different, deep, and vital experience of personal reencounter.

Tip 5: Cozy Lightning

Iluminación | El Mueble

As the last tip of Colección Interiorismo, put attention to illumination, due that although a white light is brilliant, it will not let you rest or relax. The best option, is to use lamps and bulbs with warm light; they will not only provide the cozy environment that your spirit needs, but also a light positioning costumed to your necessities and times.

Relaxing Spaces

For Colección Interiorismo, the design work for a relaxing space does not only includes an object and furniture selection that transmits the positive sensation that we desire; as we saw, it is also very important to consider the intangible elements and those that awake our senses by little details: textures, lights, colors, and of course, the personal touch in the elements that reassures or makes us remember why our home is the perfect refugee and the ideal accommodation not only for our bodies, but also for our spirits.

Tension is what you believe you have to be.

Relaxation is what you are.

Chinese Proverb.