If we were looking for the definition of innovation and interdisciplinary in a design dictionary, we surely would find 2 words: Rockwell Group, a name that is an emblem for any art, design, interiorism, or architecture passionate, due that since 1984, this firm created by David Rockwell, has been in charge of creating not only projects, but complete experiences and environments that invite us to make true our most personal fantasies.

Any ambit has been possible, from luxury to comfort, daily life, education, scenographies, architecture, mobile houses, illumination, and product design, always combining the artisanal work, technology, and of course, the best worldwide design. So keep reading, and know along with Colección Interiorismo, the dream come true of millions of creatives and design lovers of all the world.

The Design Experience

If we had to find the reason of being of Rockwell Group, that would be precisely the total and complete living of the design experience, boosting its principal directive in each one of its projects: the artisanal creation of a unique and individual narrative concept, achieving, without mattering the complexity or size, the existence of a history that informs and feeds the design in a continuous and permanent way.

That is why in Rockwell, we will not only find the normal areas of another firms, but also a LAB that explores each intersection between the digital and physical worlds, along as Product Design, which is qualified by themselves as their DNA, precisely because there is where personalization and innovation is born, creating histories for flexible and transformable products, that seek to revolutionize the spaces.

And just in these spaces is where the other part of the magic emerges, due that each one of their collaborators work under the consignment of transforming the environments, creating places in evolution that can support a frequent multitasking without sacrificing esthetic or beauty, creating true focal points that will never be erased of the memory.

Simply, Rockwell Group weaves the narratives of each object and project, conforming an unparalleled history.

The Emblematic of Rockwell Group

And what better way to continue knowing Rockwell Group, than through, what for Colección Interiorismo, are 3 of their most incredible narratives, so let´s delight ourselves with each one:

Rockwell Group | The Shed

Rockwell Group | The Shed

A building that without being finished, is already a waited icon for millions; ubicated on Manhattan, its ending it´s expected for 2019, being impressing from wherever it is seen, finished it will measure more than 15,800 square meters, and its 8 levels are described as a radically flexible design for a “performance” structure, due that through the usage of technology, it can accommodate itself in an operative and physical way, to an incredible range of visual art, music, sports, and almost any imaginable activity.

The building has a so marvelous programmatic vision, that can operate under various configurations and offer multiple events in a simultaneous form, due that it offers expansive spaces for galleries, essay areas, dynamic theaters, creative laboratories for artists, and inclusively, a great extension of free space; without a doubt, for Colección Interiorismo, a space that plays with the dreams of the art and culture lovers, and that writes its own history as the maximum enclosure for thousands of more histories.

Rockwell Group | EMC2 Hotel

Rockwell Group | Hotel EMC2

A place that talks about personality and the union of art and science in a unique experience; the EMC2 boutique Hotel ubicated on Chicago, its precisely an eclectic mix of styles, but united under the feeling of celebrating the discovery, creativity, innovation, and of course, human intelligence.

Its 192 rooms tell the same history: the one of the human ingenious, which is catapulted and stimulated by an interiorism that searches to activate the imagination, while educating at the same time.

Rockwell Group |Hotel EMC2

A lobby that assembles through books, curious objects, art, and the “Scientist’s Cabinet of Curiosity”, a restaurant “Albert” that appears as a hybrid between a magnificent library and a saloon where we can eat and talk of any theme, an space for events dedicated to the art and work of Emmy Noether a remarkable German mathematician, and of course, rooms decorated with unique hanging paintings, a gramophone, and many technological devices; in summary a true oasis for human intellect.

Rockwell Group | Sky

Rockwell Group | SKY

Luxury has a second name: “Sky” a residential complex in Manhattan developed by Rockwell Group which is simply spectacular in a symphony of design, objects, artisanal methods, and unique furniture, along with walnut, marble, and brass.

The sophistication and exclusivity begin from a breathtaking lobby, with a reception carved on marble, which is placed under a monumental chandelier; continuing with the halls, which are coated with the exclusive Groove-V wallcovering for Maya Romanoff and a custom ombré rug.

The residences are contemporaneous reinterpretations of the coveted New Yorker´s lofts, but with neutrality and purity of lines, which as its views, take our breaths away. Finally, the amenities are unique and equally impacting, a full spa, a playroom, interior pools, multilevel athletic gymnasium, and even a sky deck, everything coated with concrete and chevron wood walls, marble, and the most comfortable furniture; living here is the dream of anyone.

Rockwell Group

For Colección Interiorismo, more than a firm, a true inspiration that helps us to believe in the impossible, and that invites us not only to decor and design, but rather, to create a true history for each space, endowing it not only with beauty, but also with personality and an irreparable character.

The dialogue between client and architect is so intimate

as any conversation that you can have, because when you talk

about building a house, you talk about dreams.

Robert A. M. Stern