A photographer who not only captures or catches an image; the meaning of a portrait that moves away from what we can comprehend and observe, transforming itself into an abstraction, a cubist painting, which demonstrates that art can be present in every surface or face; all these is Roland Fischer, and the latest glance into his very personal view of the world: “Facades”.

The Look of Roland Fischer

Roland Fischer I elmundo.es

Colección Interiorismo admires the great work of this German, who by himself expresses the portrait art in all its dimensions, no matter if they are enigmatic faces of nuns and monks in the series Nonnen und Mönche, faces of expressive transparency that dive its secrets into the water as in The Angeles Portraits, or the spirituality and magnificence of the gothic architecture in Cathedrals and Palaces; each one capturing the human essence, the superposition of the external part within the deepness of the internal aspect, and capturing not only figures, but a whole context.

His most recent work “Facades”, it’s centered in capturing the composition of many of the most emblematic buildings in the world, as the Savoye Ville of Le Corbusier, and many other works from authors as von der Rohe, Siza, Taniguchi, Gehry or Niemeyer, which either because of its size, grandeur, or fame, we have stopped seeing in its most simple elements; Fischer shows it to us again in its most essential elements, getting us apparted from the illustrative, and approaching us to a purely visual world.

More of Roland Fischer’s World

For Colección Interiorismo there are key elements that allow us to recognize Fischer’s world, due that his photography shows itself full of a visual quality that allows us to see reality and its phenomenons, paradoxically transforming it, into real portraits that get confused with creative paintings.

His photography allows us to see what Roland Fischer calls “his third reality”, taking away the meaning of the boundaries imposed to what we can recognize, and achieving to get filled with spiritual, immaterial and abstract elements; “The human being is defined by many paradoxical situations: we have a body and a spirit, we live but we are going to die. There are any kind of antagonisms which are not understandable, but that defines our being”, and this is the thought that is perfectly reflected through his portraits which capture an essential human part and its architectonical and artistic creations.

Roland Fischer – Facades

Roland Fischer | Durham Press

This is how, along with the combination of his ideology and great passion for traveling, that in “Facades” he shows us a trip around the world through many emblematic and iconic buildings, but as we have never seen them: brief but powerful fragments of the building’s facade surfaces, where our imagination can fly with the symbolic charge that we discover in its colors, textures, materials, and forms.

For Colección Interiorismo, the photographies of the so well-known series, expose themselves as abstract or cubist paintings, where the colors, rhythm, structure and geometry of what we observe makes us forget, at first instance, of what we are really seeing, just an elemental fragment of a skyscraper or a powerful corporative.

Roland Fischer extracts us from the building’s urban and global context, this to show us another view of the object’s abstract structure, the relationships with its human inhabitants (which seem paused for a moment), and the details where we can see the base of greatness of human creativity.

Roland Fischer

It doesn’t matter what we see in Roland Fischer’s photography, whether persons or buildings, we will always see a different face of reality, a truth full of shades, singularity, and a lot more meaning than the merely objective and visual.

With Roland Fischer, Colección Interiorismo invites you to live the photography, art, and architecture through a unique and original vision of our world, and above all, of ourselves.

Life is not reality.

We are who put life

in stones and pebbles.

Frederick Sommer