Rosee Sa highlights with the creation of one of the spaces with more vitality in the center of London, of course, we are talking about The Courtyard House, which has received multiple awards for its indisputable design execution.

Rosee Sa Studio 

Max de Rosee y Claire Sa I PressReader

Max de Rosee and Claire Sa, stablished The Rosee Sa Studio in the middle of 2007, characterized for having a without precedents spirit, creativity, and above all, harmony in its works; and not only in its lines, textures and compositions, but also in the conjunction with its environment; for Max de Rosee and Claire Sa, the attention is focused on creating buildings that contextualize and fuse with its historical and social surroundings, giving them not only an specific personality, but also meaning and character; true works that live and breathe along with its inhabitants and history.

The quality of the materials, light, functionality, simplicity, and without a doubt, beauty, are visual elements in each project, always united through the personality of who inhabits its, and creating in this way, empowered spaces with the feelings and needs of each occupant.

With this, Colección Interiorismo selects for you one of the iconic and most representatives pieces of the extraordinary job realized by Rosee Sa Studio, having the objective of appreciating a great design labor materialized in a space: The Courtyard House.

The Courtyard House


The project started with the desire of transforming a one floor storage space, into a completely new house, modern, illuminated and cozy; everything in the middle of terraces and garages in London, an urban environment waiting for an evolution.

The development of the project was a hard design labor for the Rosee Sa Architects; besides the complicated location, there were also height and natural illumination restrictions, but everything was resolved by creating a system of 3 interconnected spaces with glass and steel doors, which separate areas, but unify the vision lines from the front to the posterior areas, creating a perfect union between them.

The Courtyard House: Spaces 


The first space in which we can enter, it’s a new level in which the usage of white and wood highlights, a mix that not only gives the desired illumination, but also creates a comfortable and full of vitality atmosphere, ending settled in a living room lightened by high skylights, warm wood, and soft textures in an area that invites you to rest, everything fussed with the ascetism of the white kitchen bar and a cedar dining room, and achieving with this, a design full of naturalness.


All the areas are separated by a second space, this time open, to create a portal between the familiar and the private; a space that brings openness, but that at the same time syncretizes the spaces, capturing the warm essence of a home.

The Courtyard House: Garden


The garden is the font of natural light and ventilation, becoming the favorite part of Colección Interiorismo; it is enough to open its crystal doors framed in black steel to let pass not only the air, but also the people, creating ideal places of convivence, and inclusively, of introspective reflexion.

The third space, the one indicated to show us the entrance to the house, delights us with a picturesque and cozy view, which invites to cross through the coated in cedar threshold, and discover a unique space nailed in the most unexpected point. Simply, beauty and functionality working together.

Details That We Love in The Courtyard House


Definitely there are 3 details that we love in The Courtyard House; the first one, as we have already mention, is the usage of glass and steel doors, which besides fulfilling its function of separating spaces, provides the openness for different moments and experiences; an entrance for each moment of life framed with black steel.


The second is of course, the illumination, Rosee Sa created a light proposal through skylights and glass; a different concept of spectacular beauty. And of course, the selection of materials and colors, which although its simplicity, combined with the usage of cedar, white walls, and oak floors, allows a harmonic fluency in the space.

Rosee Sa and The Courtyard House, become the perfect example of modern architecture, conjugating esthetic and originality, and having at the same time, a touch of personal warmness and family.

For the man, as for the bird.

The world offers many sites to perch,

but nests only one: its home.

Oliver Wendell Holmes