Sandberg: Handmade Painted Paper Collection

For us, there are very few things as beautiful as the art, care and passion of an artisanal design work, and this is why Colección Interiorismo wants to share with you an essential element of the interior decoration handcrafting: the hand painted wallpapers, represented by a firm that frames the true timelessness of design: Sandberg and its collection Signature, a living proof of the talent of 4 exceptional women who left a deep impression in the art world.

Sandberg and Pepe Peñalver

Sandberg Wallpaper | SÄRÖ LIGHT BLUE

Before continuing with “Signature”, let’s talk a little more about the exceptional pair who have brought us to this interior decoration treasure: the Sweden design studio Sandberg and the editorial house Pepe Peñalver, both characterized by their ateliers where we can breathe their love towards the artisanal method as the unique mean of expression towards a true inspiration and creation, and not only of trends, but of ageless pieces that immediately transform themselves into parts of the Scandinavian cultural heritage.

Sandberg Wallpaper | HELLA TURQUOISE

Sandberg and Pepe Peñalver raise original and fresh proposals, but without never forgetting the essence and quality of the classics, simply a perfect combination that results into incredible and unmistakable chromatic combinations, richness in textures and materials (such as silk, cotton or linen), and of course, a unique visual proposal that perfectly combines the sobriety of its sophistication and the suggestion of their proposal.

Sandberg: Handmade Painted Paper Collection

Sandberg Wallpaper | HAGALUND BROWN

In “Signature”, Sandberg rescues the work of 4 incredible women of the 50’s, many times called as “ahead of their time”, although that for Colección Interiorismo, they stand as artists who knew how to create what is invaluable in a piece: timelessness.

The Signature collection essentially picks up the best of the Scandinavian design, that is to say, the inspiration and intense use of nature, the transcendental search for objects that don’t have age but a lot of history, serene color palettes, elegant and simple lines, and of course, craftsmanship.

Sandberg Wallpaper | SENECIO GREY

Another thing that Colección Interiorismo loves about this series? The limit imposed to the generalized idea that the Scandinavian design is beautiful but cold, due that its shades propose moments of tenderness and even trick; so let’s meet Dagmar Lodén, Ylva Källström-Eklund, Joy Zandén and Lillo Wikstrand, through their art.

Dagmar Lodén

Sandberg Wallpaper | GINKGO GREEN

Characterized by her softness and delicacy, seeing some of Dagmar’s painted papers, is feeling her passion for oil painting, activity that, until the last of her days, she embraced. Her wallpapers go from subtle clovers that transmit a home’s positive energy, to stronger pieces in grey, black and colorful shades that talk about urbanity in color wings.

Ylva Källstrom-Eklund

Sandberg Wallpaper | Ylva Källstrom-Eklund

With Ylva, Colección Interiorismo identifies the nostalgic view of an entire age, an approach to the illustrations of the children’s songbook “Vära Visor” and to children’s books such as “Nu läser vi”, which are recognizable by an entire generation that grew among this soft line and friendly drawings.

Let’s imagine this together, the emotion of putting a hand painted wallpaper, which will take us back to the first emotions of our best years, and to the calm brought by a song, or the story told in the exact moment. Let’s immerse ourselves along with Ylva in this bohemia, which inclusively has some African art touches, a whole ode to an age.

Joy Zandén 

Sandberg Wallpaper | Joy Zandén

Teather and Opera decorator, her passion for scenography saw her born in the inspiration that she felt for landscapes and gardens of the Sweden west coast; her papers give us a focus full of serenity and sophistication, and of course, a beauty search for our homes.

She had told in interviews about her trip to New York, in which she didn’t achieve to sell any of her printings; for us it’s clear, the editorial world of that moment didn’t know how to see the classical beauty and harmony that have made a million people to fall in love with her.

Lillo Wikstrand 

Sandberg Wallpaper | Lillo Wikstrand

Subtleness, freshness and peace; only some of the feelings that this embroidery specialist left us to admire in her hand painted papers. Lillo participated in many art types for interior design, and precisely that versatility is transmitted to us in her handcrafted papers; with them we achieve to transport ourselves into other landscapes, and by that, to create a unique atmosphere in our homes.

The Sandberg’s Women

Signature is not only a wallpaper collection, and if we say this, is not only for its detailed and handcrafted work, but also, because of the background and history that these women impacted in their pieces. For Colección Interiorismo using one of these hand painted papers, is to possess history, context, and above all, feeling. With Sandberg and Signature the inspiration will surround us through our walls.

In every moment of my life there is a woman

that takes me by the hand into the shadows of one reality

that women know better than men,

and in which they are better orientated with less lights.

Gabriel García Márquez.