Timeless, is the characteristic that allows the transcendence of something or someone through different ages, achieving to get to the human spirit of creativity and wit, getting apparted from seasonal achievements, and forging a permanent place in history and design.

And following through this line, in Colección Interiorismo we bring for you, another big one of design, whose work and geniality still leave its footprint: Tapio Wirkkala, who captivates us with his Finnish design that marked a trend in the whole world.

Tapio Wirkkala: The Maximum Expression of the Finnish Design

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The design genius of this Finn, covers from furniture to jewelry, ceramics, sculpture, cutlery, urban planning, and inclusively bank bills and seals, although we find his par excellence distinctive in the glass objects, which make him the maximum representative of the Finnish and Scandinavian design: an inspirational design, full of natural forms, organic, and of course, with a charming artisanal expression which doesn’t leave aside the industrial technique.

The Jon Stryker Collection

Getting close to Wirkkala designs, is to see a legendary career, one that started being a little boy in a little port in the South of Finland, fabricating a “puukko” knife (of common use in these communities) from a piece of birch and forging his own razor, starting also the path of a unique artistic vision, inspired by nature, his passion for sculpture, textures and diverse materials, and the creation of different designs, which inclusively were unusual for the age, showing a unique mold as designer and artist.

Tapio Wirkkala and Littala


In 1946 the Finnish glassware Littala, known for creating distinctive and multifunctional objects, but at the same time inspiring and expressive, organized a design contest of decorative and carved glass objects, being won by Wirkkala, and creating with this an inseparable double that would last a lifetime.

iittala ovali

Tapio Wirkkala and Littala produced more than 400 crystal objects, all characterized by a unique spirit, full of irregular lines, texturized surfaces, and an esthetical functionality gifted with the passion for nature and the incarnation itself of the Scandinavian design; a line which inclusively nowadays can be observed with series as the Ultima Thule and Tapio, which are still admired by design lovers.

Ultima Thule y Tapio

And although this double is inseparable, we also find impressive and timeless works in the porcelain factory Rosenthal in Germany, the glassware Venini in Italy, and the silversmith Tane Orfebres in Mexico, bringing us again the proof that the genius doesn’t know distinctions; art always searches its expression.

Defining the Genius of Tapio Wirkkala


Some of the most representative design figures of the XX century, which have achieved the influence in the work of many generations are creations of Tapio Wirkkala.

The transformation of Wirkkala design was achieved by the combination of not only materials, but also of forms, using his unique capacity of visualizing the object even before its materialization, with the clarity of thought of never forgetting the inherent laws of each material; for him “every material has its own non written laws, the designer has to have as his or her objective to be in harmony with the used materials”, getting apparted from violence and hostile transformation, and joining an almost natural evolution of the substance and the object.

With this, Tapio Wirkkala also explored all the design areas, from drawing, sculpture and industrial design, to architecture; without forgetting the close up with his principal inspiration font: the observation of the beauty that surrounds us, molding the forms of leaves ribs, the river currents, or the lines of a flower, into a beauty abstraction in objects for men.

Tapio Wirkkala

For Colección Interiorismo, Tapio Wirkkala is not only the proof of an almost mythical talent, he is the perfect example of the contemplation and creation power; at last, design is the best imitation that we have of the creation power of nature. Beauty is in everything surrounding us, let’s allow Wirkkala’s work to inspire us and let’s take a look around.

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 from the accumulated dust during winter…

Tapio Wirkkala