The Most Romantic Destinations in the World

The word for love comes from the term “a” which means “no” and “mortem” which means “death”, so telling someone “my love” or “I love you”, means the best and major desire that a human being can have for another, that is to say, the desire for eternity; telling someone I love you is telling that person “you will live forever”.

And with this thought, today Colección Interiorismo has for you 6 destinations that celebrate this definition of transcendence, and that at the same time, are perfect to forever live in the heart of a person:

Amour à Paris

Actualites – Fr

We couldn´t start this counting without beginning with the destination par excellence when we speak about romance; take some coffee with interlaced fingers in the Shakespeare & Company Cafe (as in Midnight in Paris), visit with Colección Interiorismo the “I Love Wall” with romance in every language, drink a glass of wine that taste as prelude in The 7th on Terrass Hotel in Montmartre, talk about blurry pasts and bright futures in the Luxemburg Gardens, and even wonder yourself with the deepness of love that a place like the Père-Lachaise Cemetery has, where you can find Guillaume Apollinaire, with his Poèmes à Lou and Marcel Proust with his heart doubts. All these without counting the Eiffel Tower, the Sena River, and the Buttes-Chaumont viewer; passion in a delirium that will make you see red skies.

Love in Las Vegas

Conde Nast Traveler

The best hotels and spas are waiting for you in Las Vegas, and even some of the most romantic places of the world in miniature, including the Eiffel Tower and Venice; game and passion are closely linked, and if all the feeling overflows, scape with your love to the worldwide famous Little White Chappel, or if we go too far, it will be enough with a serenate in the voice of the unique Elvis Presley.

L’amore in Italia


Few things can be as romantic as a gondola ride through Venice channels, or a seductive walk through its tangled streets that lead to the San Marcos Plaza, finishing with a kiss under the Bridge of Sighs, which it is told, predicts eternal love.

But Venice, is not the only place for which Colección Interiorismo sighs in Italy, because here you can also find magical places like Verona whose beautiful medieval streets inspired one of the most legendary love story: Romeo and Juliet; cities, places and islands in beaches like Positano in Napoles or Capri, whose hills and views of the sea will make you believe in the true beauty of nature, or maybe one of the most incredible boutique hotels in the world, ubicated in the antique Santa Rosa Monastery in Costa de Marfil, just at the tip of a hill; sighs that will cut your breath.

Amor en Argentina

Llao Llao

Live the sensuality dancing a tango in Buenos Aires, and move yourself through the mist and at the light of candles in cafes and clubs, living its passionate capital.

Or in another instance, get yourself adventurous and ship to la Patagonia, hosting in the Llao Llao Hotel in Bariloche, getting in love with the lakes and mountains that surrounds it; a spectacle worthy of your passion.

Älskar Sverige (Love in Sweden)

Although this is not one of the usual destinations for romantics, in Colección Interiorismo we will surprise you, because in this country there are a lot or romantic hotels, surrounded by splendorous mountains and a snowy landscape that will invite you to pass entire afternoons, with the one you love, in front of a chimney.

Starting with in an igloo of the Jukkasjärvi It Hotel in the Sweden Artic Circle, in which you will cuddle in thermal bags and furs, or hug with your couple in the wooden chalets with incredible chimneys. And if you are not so adventurous, Luxemburg also has incredible hotels as the Görvälns Slott, the Victory Hotel, or the Stallmästaregården Hotel, which are precisely dedicated to offer honeymoon packages that will make you melt.

Amor en México

Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos

Finally, in Colección Interiorismo we want to finish with our own country, our land full of enchants and marvels, that of course isn´t behind in this world competition for romanticism.

And here we believe that we will have a lack of space, because we literally count with hundreds of marvelous places, as the romantic magical towns like the surrealist Xilitla in San Luis Potosí, the enchanting Real del Monte in Hidalgo, or the incredible San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato, only to mention 3 of the most recognized.

On the otherside, and if what you like is the beach, How many qualities can we enumerate of our sandy paradises? And only for you to visualize under the sun with your love, we specially recommend one of them: the Passion Island in Holbox, which crystalline water and white sand will make you believe that you are in a dream.

The Most Romantic Destinations in the World

Now that you know all these destinations, adventure along with Colección Interiorismo, to explore your partner and above all to celebrate love, and if you doesn´t already have the fortune of knowing your beloved one, Who knows if you can meet him or her in one of these destinations? Or even better, celebrate the best love that exists, the love for ourselves, that is so easily find in these magical trips of discovery.

The lovers fall silent. Love is the finest, the most shuddering,

the most unendurable, silence.

Their hearts tell them that what they look for,

what they seek, they will not find.

Jaime Sabines