The Sunflower House: Eduardo Cadaval and Clara Solà-Morales Architects

Photograph frames that seen closely have life inside; cubes that highlight as if they were a human part of the rocky formation, and which seem like a child´s game who decided to create his own enclosure, simple and spacious to play and which transforms itself into a home for an adult; this and more is the Sunflower House, which Colección Interiorismo brings for you today so you can meet it and its creators: the Cadaval & Solà-Morales Studio.

The Sunflower House: Eduardo Cadaval and Clara Solà-Morales Architects


Let´s start with some history in the style of Colección Interiorismo, knowing Eduardo Cadaval who is a mexican architect and Master in Design and Urban Planning, as well as Clara Solà-Morales an Spanish architect and Master in Architectural Design, whose formations lead us to think in a joined talent towards the design of an urban architecture for different life environments, but united by a single directive of functionality and esthetic.

All this, lead us to the foundation of Cadaval & Solà-Morales in 2003 in New York, moving to Barcelona in 2006 (and having a satellite office in Mexico City), in where they self-define their objective as “looking for intelligent solutions for very different job scales”, which translates into a searching through design investigation of a young generation that wants to achieve a concordant work with its environment, that at the same time, inputs new images of beauty parameters, winning with these directives many awards as the Bauwelt, the Design Vanguard Award, Spotlight 2016 and Emerging Voices 2017 of the Architectural League of New York.

Structure of the Sunflower House

Plataforma Arquitectura

Ubicated in Port de la Selva, in Girona, Spain, and giving its face to the Mediterranean Sea, we find this project that resembles a set of blocks, which seems to be at the same time, frames of its own interior rooms, as well as mirrors and reflectors of the richness surrounding, not only capturing the sun, but also letting itself to fuse with the rock from which it seems to born; its unique relationship with the sea, mountain and sun defines the most transcendental value of the work.

Also, and as a second value, we can highlight the articulation in each cube that composes the house, whose simple geometry defines the function of each space, and at the same time unifies as a honeycomb.

Sustainability of the Sunflower House


The Sunflower House presents itself to Colección Interiorismo as an incredible proposal of sustainability, since it is a pickup mechanism of solar energy, just as the flower that it represents, creating a perfect allegory between the natural mechanism of the plant and the human copy of the process.

When Cadaval and Solà-Morales began to build the house, they realized that this would be a great challenge, though the Sunflower House must comply its fusion and visualization with and of the environment, and at the same time a support role for low temperatures (because of the almost hurricane winds in certain seasons of the year), so its design achieves to have high environmental standards incorporating elements as a backyard that allows the entrance of the sun or a green cover that controls the temperature changes in the interior.

Beauty of the Sunflower House


If something caught the attention of Colección Interiorismo about the Sunflower House was its ethereal and simple beauty, geometrizing the rooms, that far from segmenting, unifies through a magical exterior.

The view incorporates itself into the reality of the house, and in specific parts (as the pool) almost fuses with the sea, creating a clean and straight style, which do not leave behind a protective feeling from the inside, due to its characteristic of being a provider of sun and light, and a keeper of one of its most treasured goods: the sun.

The Sunflower House, as its name says, almost seem to turn its view towards the sun, and when a space captures it, it spreads through its body, feeding not only a construction, but a true home, admired by Colección Interiorismo through its splendor.

Keep your face in the sun and you will not see the shadow.

That is what the sunflowers do.

Helen Keller