To use the word “timeless” for defining a design, is jointed to unique characteristics that not only obey to styles and trends, being objects which beauty, functionality, and esthetic can be used and admired at any time, achieving transcendence through the ages and human movements of art and culture.

By this, we introduce to you the timeless design of and architect and industrial designer who broke the time barriers, being worldwide admired and recognized by entire generations: Arne Jacobsen creator of the 3107 Chair.

Arne Jacobsen


To comprehend the timeless design of the 3107 Chair, it is important to first meet the mythic Arne Jacobsen, one of the most influential designers of the second half of the XX century, and the most representative of the Scandinavian design of the 50’s and 60’s, whose furniture and architectonical pieces have developed into true timeless classics.

For Colección Interiorismo the ageless that characterizes his works can be resumed into 3 elements: harmony, essentiality and lightness, transmitted through combinations of sculptural and organical forms along with the simplicity and clarity of the Scandinavian design, reaching with this, an ageless esthetic and functionality that impacts, being the keys of a demand that never stops, and that can’t rest of having a piece of the genius.

Definitely, a good design is never forgotten, and remains sealed almost as a profound and definitive mark in the collective unconsciousness, avid of unforgettable objects.

Timeless Design | 3107 Chair

Fritz Hansen

And with this, we reach the 3107 Chair, designed by Jacobsen in 1955 and elaborated by Fritz Hansen, producing more than 6 millions of copies since its launch, and becoming one of the most recognized and admired design pieces in the world.

For Colección Interiorismo, the 3107 Chair is one of the design icons of the XX century, characterized by its stability, but at the same time with its lightness and comfortability; possessing this chair in any room means sobriety, and of course, certainty of acquiring a timeless piece, a true art object that will add to your environments with its lightness, and at the same time, with the solidity of its presence.

The materials and the structure of the 3107 Chair are also faithful reflections of the last mentioned things, because it is conformed by boards of laminated wood and galvanized steel, warranting its comfortability and mobility, by a perfectly molded and designed structure for human interaction.

3107 Chair | Composition 

Fritz Hansen

The 3107 Chair is manufactured by an historical Danish firm: Fritz Hansen, which highlights its passion for design, by using 9 wood layers of wood, molded and detailed in an artisanal way, until the silhouette that we already have in our memory is obtained.

Fritz Hansen

The same happens with the backrest, a unique piece of plywood in which there is also a layer of Indian cotton, making it an ergonomically designed object which brings us the sensation of being as light as it, creating an object that even transforms our feeling of wellness and coupling.

Timeless Design | 3107 Chair

Nowadays we can find the 3107 Chair in different versions, although its essence is the same: the search for perfection in a functional object, towards its transformation into an art element, which beauty and structure transcend times and trends. For Colección Interiorismo, the 3107 Chair is by itself, an element that doesn’t know the pass of the years, and which gives life to the human inventiveness and embellishment of the daily.

¿Who has invented the chair?

Someone with love for himself.

Clarice Lispector