“I try to conceive what should be the best atmosphere, that is to say, the best character for a particular building”, this is how Warren Platner defined its insatiable search to achieve a design that left transcendence and mark, as it finally happened.

Whatever it was on furniture, interiorism, or architecture, Platner dabbled in each discipline as only the best ones can, with passion and dedication, deriving his work in what was called a “sensual modernism”. So, along with Colección Interiorismo, continue knowing this great artist, who after his death left a true legacy of a different and enlightened design vision.

Warren Platner and Design

Hive Modern

While it is true that the most iconic pieces of Platner are in the furniture field, in Colección Interiorismo we believe it’s necessary to approach his carrier from a no less bright start that gave him the necessary tables to create furniture that made history, that is, his pass in interiorism through his work in Roche firm, and later, on his studio: Warren Platner Associates.

In the first one, his work was driven by interiorism for offices, with a new type of design for the age, characterized by its flexibility and efficiency, but also by an unusual warmness by using warm color schemes and custom furniture, specially designed to eliminate unnecessary efforts, being a pioneer on ergonomic desks, that were thought for the person and not only for functionality.

Later, another stage arrives, more luminous to the eyes of Colección Interiorismo, due that his works eclipsed the optimistic and confident spirit of the 60’s, using Scandinavian elements as in the New York Showroom for Georg Jensen, or in the famous World Trade Center restaurant, whose windows resembled a great transatlantic ready to ship to a new era.

Warren Platner and the Furniture

The Platner Chair

Silla Platner

Although his designs covered more concepts, when recalling Warren, there is not greater reference than the Platner Chair, as well as its derivates produced by Knoll International, a piece that turned him from a recognized architect and designer, to a true legend, creating an object that became a “classic”, the ones that are named like that, due to its timelessness and perfection that do not require improvements.

And this position was achieved through 2 essential elements: the first one, a complete transformation of a “hard” material as steel wire, in a subtle piece, and even more impressive, into a comfortable and light one, and which behind its final appearance has a complicated and almost artistical production, due that its bases and structures are composed by nickel-platted rods, that requires the union of hundreds of them, creating a beautiful cylindric mesh which at the same time plays with an architectonic performance between interior and exterior spaces.

And precisely this, is what brings us to the second element, an iconic esthetic that resembles a moving sculpture that achieves an authentic moaré, an optical effect through the superposition of its steel wires, creating light patterns that lead to the visualization of shapes and drawings; a wink to the furniture’s soul, described many times as a bright sheaf of wheat.

The Evolution of Platner’s Chair 


Such a great design could only be extended to a collection that includes different chairs, armchairs, stools, and tables, which are presented in metallic bronze, and the favorite of Colección Interiorismo, bright nickel, both perfect to highlight the true protagonist: steel.

Although, on the other hand, we also love the touch of personalization: the seat and back cushions, present in different upholsteries of fabrics or leather, that allow us to give that unique and adequate touch for each space.

And that is how, Knoll has never stopped producing this classic collection, taking force in its importance of being desired even by twentieth-century design collectors, without doubting a reference of true passion and knowledge for who possess it.

Warren Platner 


Creating at least an iconic object or image that represents us, not only in our life, but for posterity, is a challenge that only few people in art and design history have been able to achieve, and as we saw, Warren Platner accomplished not only the creation of a piece that present a completely different and original esthetic, but also a different usage of an associated material with hardness, as it is steel, with the production of a suggestive and useful element.

For Colección Interiorismo, Warren Platner’s work stays in our hearts, and also as an inspiration to dare for the different, and with this, arrive at the creation of the unique and original.

I have never believed that we can transform the world,

but I believe that we can transform things each day.

Françoise Giroud